​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​St Martins, Runcorn

St Martins, Runcorn 

St Martins, Runcorn

St Martins, Runcorn


IMPORTANT letter from Mr. Hallman re the opening of school:

Letter regarding reopening of school from Mil Vasic, Strategic Director People at Halton Borough Council:
Letter to Parents and Carers -14.05.20.pdf

Sunday 24th May 2020
Excellent link to Hamilton Trust home l​earning packs - all age ranges covered and free of charge:
Click here for website

Thursday 21st May 2020
Yet another FREE issue of First News. ​This is an excellent way to get your children to read (or be read to) whilst we are not in school. This is issue number 727 -  PLEASE read it, it is full of up to date news and information. This edition has 4 pages of NHS/Stay Alert posters for you to print and display.

Follow the link below to learn about CAFOD's Summer of Hope campaign.
Click here for website​

Tuesday 19th May 2020
Fresh in from PCSO Chris - No. 7 in an ongoing set of presentations helping you to keep safe and well until we can all return to school.
While you're at Home 7 CMC.pptx

The England Illegal Money Lending Team (​Stop Loan Sharks) now has an Instagram account.  Please can you follow them at:​
Click here for access

Monday 18th May 2020

MHAW Kindness Launch_WEB BANNER_V2_2.jpg
This week is Mental Health Awareness Week - Click the link below to take you directly to the website of the Mental Health Foundation. 
Click here for website
It is really important, especially at the moment to look after our mental health as well as our physical health. This site raises awareness during these troublesome times with lots of information and activities.​

Wednesday 13th May 2020​

The National Education Union has produced a terrific How to go out when you have to stay in pamphlet. ​It is divided into​ four different pages aimed at helping you to stay in but go out - confusing, not when you open the file and read it. Lots and lots of things to keep you going (for all ages) as we enter another week of (semi) lockdown - enjoy!
NEU How you 2020.pdf 

Saturday 9th May ​2020
Yet another FREE issue of First News. ​This is an excellent way to get your children to read (or be read to) whilst we are not in school. This is issue number 725 - it usually costs £1.99 or your need a subscription, however the First News company are allowing free access during these 'lockdown' times. PLEASE read it, it is full of up to date news and information. This is the VE Day edition.



from Mrs. Evison in the office:
New revised arrangements for children taking their First Holy Communion in 2020

First Holy Communion arrangements 2020.pdf

Monday 4th May 2020
Two new updates: o​ne from Mr. Hallman and one from PCSO Chris.
First up is the May newsletter:
May 2020 Newsletter May20.doc
Second is the next in the series of While you're at home No. 5.
While you're at Home 5 CMC.pptx

Friday 1st May 2020
From all the staff at St. Martin's to all of you - stay safe and we'll see you soon. BIG shout out to Miss Rowe for being our 'Steven Spielberg'.
​​Late addition - this is the third time that First News have let children have their newspaper for FREE. It is essential that your children continue to read and be read to whilst they are not in school. This newspaper is full of up to the minute news and is aimed at pri​mary school children. Please download this new edition (while you can) and the other two editions or read them online, but either way please read them.

Wednesday 29th April 2020​
Mr. Hallman has a special message for you all.​

This just in from PCSO Chris, the 4th installment of - While you're at home. Very informative and lots of activities for children of​ all ages, thanks PCSO Chris - keeping the community safe whilst we're are not around and in school together​.

While you're at home 4 CMC.pptx

Mr. Hallman has asked me to re-promote the following,
The Reading Plus website. It is of vital importance that your children continue to read whilst they are not in school. This is a website that allows that to continue (as well as the First News downloads - available on this page).

Reading Plus Home Use Pupil Information.pdf

Also from a busy Mr. Hallman (well he's keeping me busy!) a stay at home song for you all to learn. Why not video yourself or join with classmates (online of course) and make music to keep you happy in these strange times. Hopefully when we are back we can all sing it together to keep Mr. Hallman happy!

Rainbow Days - Lyrics only -add name.pptx
​​​​Rainbow Days Song.mp3
Rainbow Days Song Backing Track.mp3

Monday 27th April 2020
Unfortunately at the moment we can't visit T​he British Museum in London, or can we?
Well yes, follow the link below to investigate and explore all things The British Museum, hours of endless fun and learning.
Click here for website​
The Premier League has a terrific home learning website aimed at primary school children. There are activities, games, etc. all in conjunction with your favourite players.
Click on the link below to take you to the home learning page - and remember try to support Manchester United at all times to keep Mr. Mc happy!
Click here for website​  

First News
 is a newspaper aimed directly at schoolchildren, it usually incurs a cost, however they have allowed a free download of the current issue - here it is - ENJOY, it is very informative and a really good way to encourage your children to read.
This is the second issue they have allowed for free. It is essential for all children to read and this provides a very good way of keeping your child informed and at the same time learn to read. If they are unsure about anything you could read it with them.

Friday 24th April 2020
This just in from PCSO Chris, the 3rd installment of - While you're at home. Very informative and lots of activities for children of​ all ages, thanks PCSO Chris.

While you're at home 3 CMC.pptx

Thursday 23rd April 2020
This just in from Mrs. Hayes - 
A terrific worksheet to help you learn about the NHS.

Head over to BBC Bitesize to see their new improved website full of daily lessons - for all age groups​:
Click here for website

Wednesday 22nd April 2020
First News is a newspaper aimed directly at schoolchildren, it usually incurs a cost, however they have allowed a free download of the current issue - here it is - ENJOY, it is very informative and a really good way to encourage your children to read:


Third Space Learning is a website dedicated to Maths, from ages 6-11. Usually there is a charge for​ using their online resources and interventions, however due to the 'current' state of schools they are allowing FREE access to their home learning. The form below explains how to access their resources at home. It is an excellent Maths resource and provides different levels of work.


Around this time of year - 456 years ago (records were not as good back then) William Shakespeare was born. Here are some activities for you to do to celebrate this anniversary:
Shakespeare's sonnets - notes and guidance.pdf
Sonnets - exploring themes worksheet.pdf
Shakespeare themed writing paper.pdf
​He was also a master at writing amazing insults:
amazing insults - notes and guidance.pdf
Amazing insults - slides.pptx
amazing insults cards.pdf
amazing insults worksheet.pdf

The Royal Mint
Like the idea of working with money - for free, then read on.
Copy and paste or search for this link to The Royal Mint website - lots of interesting activities and worksheets/books for children of all ages, and best of all it's all totally free - NO money needed at all!


Also, just in from Third Space Learning - Let's Practise Telling The Time worksheets, one for Key Stage 1 and one for Key Stage 2. Seems appropria​te at the moment when we all have a lot of time on our hands to be able to tell it.
Let's Practise Telling The Time KS1.pdf
Let's Practise Telling The Time KS2.pdf

These just in from Mr. Hallman - as you know Ramadan starts on the evening of Thursday 23rd April and lasts for a month. Imran Kotwal has kindly sent to the school his presentation and worksheet on Ramadan, please use and learn.
Ramadhan 2020 NEW.pdf
NEW Ramadan _ Eid Worksheet.pdf​​

Saturday 18th April 2020
Earth day.jpg
On Wednesday 22nd April 2020 it will be the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day - follow the link below​ to a whole range of activities that you and your children can work through.

Friday 17th April 2020
​This just in from PCSO Chris - important ne​ws and information from Cheshire Constabulary to help in the current climate. This is the second presentation that has been made available (see next column for the original) - please read and let others know about its content.​
While you're at Home 2 CMC.pptx

An even later update on Thursday 16th April 2020 from the British Red Cross - terrific resources about the Power of Kindness. Something we all need at the present moment.
Late update Thursday 16th April 2020 ​ from the National Education Union, a really useful list of websites etc.



Denominational Inspection Report 2019 

Upcoming dates:​​​

Holiday Dates 2019-20 

Holiday Dates 2020-21


Attendance and Holidays during term time

As you will be aware, the rules around holidays in term time have now changed and we are no longer allowed to authorise any holiday requests except in exceptional circumstances. Families, who take holidays in term time, will be contacted by Halton's EWO service, which may result in the issuing of a fixed penalty fine. If your child is off with illness for any length of time, then you must send in medical evidence for their absence. Thanks for your help in this matter. You understand that the best way for children to achieve well at school is for them to have a good attendance and that means 95% +

Helping your child to be fit and ready to learn in school

Many parents ask us how they can help their child to be best ready to learn. We would advise making sure they get a good night's sleep. Infants in bed by 7.00/7.30pm and older Juniors by 8.00/8.30pm. Make sure they calm down, talking to them or reading a story once they are in bed for five to ten minutes. Limit the amount of time they access the internet on phones, tablet computers or PCs and know what they are accessing as it could well be very inappropriate.  Have everything ready for school the night before to avoid forgetting book bags/lunch boxes/equipment/kits in the morning. 

​Uniform and PE Kit

Thank you for all your efforts with ensuring we have the highest possible standards of uniform. Helping us to ensure this is maintained supports us all. This means no trainers for normal footwear and sensible accessories, please don't have headwear that stops other children being able to see the teacher! Could I ask you to also ensure that your child's name is on all their pieces of uniform, especially jumpers and coats?It is also very important that all children have the correct PE Kit. They are not allowed to wear football shirts. The PE Kit consists of a white t-shirt with logo, black shorts and a pair of pumps. It is advisable that the juniors have a pair of trainers for outdoor PE. It is best for all children to keep their kit in school and to take it home each half term to be cleaned. It needs to be kept in a named drawstring PE bag.

Register for Free School Meals

If you are in receipt of Income Support, your child will be eligible to be registered for free school meals. Even if your infant child is getting a free school meal it is important to register.  This is because the school receives additional funding for any children whose parents are on income support.  Thank you for your help and support in this matter.





Thursday 14th May 2020
​The second in Mr. Hallman's special videos for the parents and children of our wonderful school. Please watch and join in, thanks.


Important new site with video lessons for all year groups - Reception to Year 6 and beyond, from the UK Government. Free to use and no registration needed. 


Essential information​ from CEOP the online safety protection team. Search the web address below and you will find the Thinkuknow website. Here you will find lots of relevant activities and information (​all age related) on how to keep your children safe whilst online.

Click here for website​


​This is the latest approved list of online education resources for home education. It was issued by the Department for Education​ on the 7th April 2020 and fully updated on the 13th May 2020​. Click the link below and use the links within the Government page:

Direct access to Government site

A special message from Pope Francis, from his Twitter account, at this historic moment in time. 

​​EW7LJ79WoAUJerE.jpg 19): list oducation resources   .​​sn0zrd-u.jpg

This just in from Mr. Hallman - a new updated newsletter from Cheshire Constabulary​. Important and useful information.

Newsletter for schools and parents.docx


This just in from Mr. Hallman - Help Percy the Penguin keep his money and family safe.  Right click on the link below to help catch Mr.​ Fin.  Good luck, there's a £50 Amazon voucher​ to be won!


While You're at home - new section with up-to-date help and advice from Halton Council and the Police.

New presentation - Cheshire Constabulary - from PCSO Chris:​​

While You're at Home CMC.pptx

Family resources list with valuable websites and contacts regarding your wellbeing:

Family Resources Wk3 Day1.docx


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