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​​Year 6 - The final frontier!
​Stars of the Week 2019-2020
Saturday 19th October 2019
I am sitting here wondering (thanks Bella for the word) what tomorrow's score will be, I reckon 3-1 to Man Utd and just for a little while the world will seem a better place, bur really I won't mind if Liverpool win tomorrow. For nearly 7 years I spoke to Martin every morning about, yes you've guessed FOOTBALL! For a long time my team Man Utd had the upper hand, not so lately - Martin's REDS have the upper hand - wherever he is I hope he enjoys it, even if it is to my detriment.
In class we have been working extremely hard as with the rest of the school. This half-term and more so the next really do set the children up for the rest of the academic year. The work seems more difficult - it isn't it is just a level up from what they have already learnt. In Year 6 we have to build on the basics and make progress through to our SAT​s and writing assessment (both May and June 202​0) and at present we are running on fumes and need the upcoming break to refresh and recharge our 'batteries' ready to return and start again in November! November already when we return - Lennon only remarked on Friday that he just remembers walking into Year 6 back in the first week of September. My reply "Time flies when you are having fun - Lennon"
to which I received a quizzical look - says it all.
Bye for now,
Mr. Mc x

Sunday 13th October 2019
Hello, not a lot to say this morning. God works in mysterious ways and
I​'ve come to accept that that is his prerogative​. If I believe in anything it is that through desperate times m​y belief in my family, my colleagues and most importantly the children I teach(and their parents) that together we are stronger and can face any adversities that life can and will put in our path.
Your children are working extremely hard, even though we have sickness in the class, I myself was off with said sickness, and you should be very proud of their moral and spiritual leanings.
That's all I've got this week, hopefully normal service will be resumed next weekend.
Peace and love,
Mr. Mc

Saturday 5th October 2019
Another week gone already, is it my age or does time fly by? Five weeks gone already and Year 6 are starting to understand their position in school. Everyday I see and hear about the positives and how the children are maturing. However, don't be fooled we have our ups and downs - we just keep them in class and sort them out with honesty and​ forgiveness; without harbouring any lingering doubt. These are some of the attributes that will help your children navigate the choppy waters ahead and see them grow and be ready for whatever Year 6 brings and high school further ahead.
Thanks to those parents who joined in with us on our Rainbow Run last Friday, at least I wasn't the only 'older person' there!
As always thank you for sending your children to St. Martin's and trusting me​ with the honour to teach them in their final year - it is a long, tough one - but very rewarding in the end.
Bye for now,
Mr. Mc x

Saturday 28th September 2019
​Hello and welcome to St. Martin's Year 6 page. Over the course of the year I will try to keep you informed as much as possible about out trials and tribulations in school. I try to write most Sunday mornings and include what we, as a class have been up to. However, I will also put all the information needed - letters, any upcoming assemblies etc. here as well.
We have done our first month and I have been extremely impressed in how the class are taking their new roles responsibilities to hand. Unfortunately I was off ill for a couple of days in the week (old age catching up with me and the realisation that the end is in sight) and the class fulfilled all their early promise and on my return received many favourable​ comments, especially from the supply teacher who covered for me. Ask your children about 'the bell' - they will know what I mean.
Bye for now,
Mr. Mc x
Saturday 19th October 2019
​Another two girls this week: Tyler Nester and Laci Walls.
Both girls found Year 6 quite daunting in the first 4-5 weeks, however both have begun to understand that if they put input into the lessons and work (whilst not worrying about getting things wrong) they will begin to reap the rewards and gain a clearer knowledge and confidence. In both cases this has been true over the past week. Tyler is starting to make steady progress with the level of work in Year 6 and Laci is beginning to open up and realise she has a part to play in Year 6 not only for herself but the rest of the class also.
Again I find myself saying - WELL DONE GIRLS!

Sunday 13th October 2019
The class chose two girls this week: Bella Hamling and Chloe Brown. Both girls were chosen for the same subject matter - Pastor Martin Niemoller's​ poem. Bella for her interpretation and writing and Chloe for the input and reading of a short video. Both girls work helped other members of the class with their note taking and eventually with written pieces of work. In Bella's work her writing showed an insightfulness and a level of maturity of a very high standard as did Chloe's observations and comments on a short video of the poem. These two girls really did help the other children in the class to realise that if you listen, learn and then challenge you can and will succeed in Year 6 as in all forms of education. However, I always add that there were many other candidates that could of received these awards and that is the most pleasing aspect; the class on the whole is beginning to make progress in a very trying year - long may it continue.
Well done girls!
Friday 4th October 2019
Two different types of awards this week,​ firstly Riley McIntyre and secondly the Mini Vinnies' Presidents.
Riley was chosen by the class for his input, enthusiasm and growing maturity that is clearly evident in everything he does - his answers and subsequent questions whilst learning the introduction to the Holocaust was a pleasure to watch and listen to.
The Mini Vinnies' Presidents (Chloe Brown, Sarah O'Connor, Freya Davidson and last but certainly not least, George Malone) planned and delivered a lesson, whilst Sister Teresa was away. The lesson was informative, engaging and made every member of Year 6 feel included. As with Riley it was a testament to the hard work of their previous teachers to see the​ children beginning to use and expand their academic and social talents. Well done to both award recipients.
I must also add that the whole of Year 6, as in previous years, are starting to show that after 5 weeks they understand their roles within the classroom and the whole school in general - therefore in my eyes they are all stars, however these two shone just a little​ brighter this week.

​In Year 6 the children and I chose the Stars of the Week, I (like the children) get one vote. Each week the children, who have been chosen, will be listed here and the reason why the class chose them. Then, as parents you can see what most children forget to tell their parents​ - how terrific they and their class are - week in week out. I have always been honoured and blessed to teach at St. Martin's and more so in Year 6; unfortunately this makes me slightly biased and human - we are the best Year 6, however I would add that I hope and pray that is how every Year 6 teacher feels about their class. Anyway as soon as we have our next chosen couple you will see them here.