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​​Year 6 - The final frontier!​
​Stars of the Week 2020-2021
Sunday 2nd August 2020
Well two weeks has gone by in a flash (cue Queen music - Bella) and I am beginning to think about September and how school might be when we all return. The 'new' Year 6 children will have been away from school since March 20th; over 5 months without formal education. The Government have already published details of when we will be expected to take SATs next May as well as their English writing assessment in June. A tall order even with a complete Year 5 'under their belt'. Our job as a class will be to adapt to a new way of life within school - becoming settled again in daily, weekly, monthly education and most importantly learning to cope with the pressure of our missed education. It is not your fault that this virus engulfed us all, however it is our responsibility to return ready to 'catch up' and make progress with our school work - both academically and spiritually as well. I have for the past eight years been the Year 6 teacher at St. Martin's, a job I believe in and do to the best of my (aging) abilities. It is my responsibility to ensure your children achieve their potential and I firmly believe that manners, dignity, trust, loyalty all key elements of Year 6 life are just as important, if not more so, than Maths and English. Not every one can count, write and read to an achieved standard, yet they can believe in our school and class and certainly become better people for having been at St. Martin's. I have extremely high standards when it comes to having a 'moral compass' and next year will be no different.
Just before I go, I must remind the leaving Year 6 children that I have not and never will forget you. It was a very strange year, you had so much taken​ away from you, yes SATs as well, but you did everything that the school and I asked of you and for that I am eternally honoured and grateful. And to the children, who for whatever reason didn't make it back for the last four weeks you were talked about, never forgotten and very much missed by the whole class and in particular - me. As your summer holidays pass remember to stay safe and be prepared for high school, they as with St. Martin's will 
be different​. 
If any of you need help, advice etc. remember to use the Year 6 email address:
To the 'NEW' Year 6 see you in September,
That's all folks!
Mr. Mc x

Hopefully will return in some way from September 2020.​