​​Year 6 - The Final Frontier!
REMEMBER if you need to get in touch, use the Year 6 email address by clicking the link below. I will reply as soon as I possibly can: ​
Year 6 email​

It would appear that the Google Classroom codes have been sent out. I've already had Josh and​ Sam on the class stream - brilliant. I will leave tomorrow's work here just in case anybody has trouble accessing the Google Classroom site.
Mr. Mc x

Wednesday 13th January 2021
Hopefully I am back in school when you read this and I'm hoping that Google Classroom is finally ready for you to try, however, just in case it isn't here is the Year 6 work for Wednesday 13th January:
Maths - Fractions
Next lesson in the series and a 15 question worksheet to complete.
Fractions PP Wednesday 13th January 2021 Lesson 3.pptx
Fractions Wednesday 13th January 2021 Worksheet No. 2.docx
Religious Education - Jesus - the Bread of Life
Wednesday 13th January 2021 Religious Education lesson instructions.docx
Link to CBBC website about the story of the Passover:
CBBC The story of the Passover
Question and answer worksheet:
Wednesday 13th January 2021 Religious Education Passover.docx
Videos to watch:

English  - writing​
Today's lesson involves watching videos and reading a newspaper article, I have included the instructions that would have appeared on Google Classroom.
Wednesday 13th January 2021 English lesson ​instructions.docx
Link to newspaper article:
SATS exams cancelled Mirror online
Videos to watch:
Tuesday 12th January 2021
One more day to go until I'm allowed out and back to work at last. I have not seen the Year 6 classroom - this year or the class! Lots of emails yesterday with photographs and questions asking for help, that's what we need to do during these unprecedented times - communicate. Keep up the great work Year 6. All the work (listed here) can be done in the workbook that was sent home (once Google Classroom is up and running the work can be uploaded for feedback); Google Classroom is getting closer day by day, but not quite ready for today's work. So here it is:
Maths - Fractions
Tuesday's PowerPoint​ to work through with questions throughout.
Fractions PP Tuesday 12th January 2021 Lesson 2.pptx
Science - Evolution and Inheritance​
An introduction to the subject by Miss. Heesom. Her first lesson for Year 6.
Evolution and Inheritance Lesson 1.pptx
Fossil formation comic.pdf
English - spelling and sentence/paragraph construction.
For this you will need help, somebody to read the 20 spelling words out to you whilst you answer them (answer sheet included). There are also 2 videos to watch to remind yourself of the reason why we have Remembrance Day.
Tuesday 12th January 2021 Remembrance Day spelling.docx
Tuesday 12th January 2021 Remembrance Day Answers.docx
Monday 11th January 2021
Holocaust Memorial Day photographs starting to come in, this morning and over the weekend there have been more as well as Louie's on Friday evening (Nathan and Nikola), however still LOTS more to come. There will be a page on Google Classroom for you to upload them to, however, until that is ready - email them to the Year 6 webpage.
Remember as long as you can explain your photograph (Be The Light In The Darkness - see information in Friday's blog​), as all the ones sent have, then the photograph is your choice.
Let's get photographing!
Mr. Mc x
Monday 11th January 2021
Only 2 days to go and I can re-enter the world and be back in school. Google Classroom should be live this morning, however, like I said last week - teething problems. Below you will find the work that was set for today also the BBC Bitesize timetable for Lockdown Lessons that start today. All the work can be done in the workbook that was sent home (once Google Classroom is up and running the work can be uploaded for feedback).
BBC Bitesize timetable 11th January 2021
Maths - Fractions
PowerPoint to work through with inbuilt questions:
Fractions PP Monday 11th January 2021 Lesson 1.pptx
15 question worksheet follow up to lesson:
Fractions Monday 11th January​ 2021 Worksheet No. 1.docx
English - Reading comprehension
Reading about the sale of an original Anne Frank poem:
Reading Monday 11th January 2021 Anne Frank poem.doc
Reading question and answer sheet:
AF reading questions-answer worksheet - Reading 11th January 2021.doc
REMEMBER - you can do all your working out in your workbook - ready for when Google Classroom is accessible.
If you need me email me, I am by my computer at home.
Mr. Mc x

Friday 8th January 2021
Hopefully by Monday 11th January Year 6 will be working on Google Classroom (teething problems aside). There are worksheets attached to most lessons that can be done online, copied into the workbook sent home or done on pre-printed worksheets. If you require the pre-printed worksheets they will be available (in school) from next week; please contact the school office to enquire from Monday 11th January.​ In that pack (of worksheets) there is an accompanying​ letter from me explaining them. Here is a copy for you to read:
Worksheet letter W-B 11th January 2021.docx
It is also important to remember that it is difficult to get the same level of work from remote learning. I will be back in school on Wednesday (isolation ends Tuesday) as will Miss Heesom and we will both be available to guide and help with anything that arises, be it work based or not. Although the Government has announced that this Year's SATs will not go ahead we will still need to produce work that is up to standard; in everything we do. To this end it is essential that we start as we mean to go on and engage with Google Classroom on a daily basis. It is a new platform to us and I know there will be teething problems, but, as throughout all of your time at St. Martin's - if we work together and support each other, we will prevail and make a success of these final months at St. Martin's.​
Mr. Mc x

Work set around this year's Holocaust Memorial Day on Wednesday 27th January 2021. This year's theme is called:
Be The Light In The Darkness.
What an appropriate title, considering the world we find ourselves in. With this in mind take a picture representing what the title means to you; anything you want - just think about the title - then email them to me at the Year 6 address. We will use them nearer the 27th January​ to make a display and send them to the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust. These are my first attempts:

Wednesday 6th January 2021
​At some point, either today or tomorrow you will get a pack of work, it is an interim pack. By which I mean it is only intended to keep you working whilst the school arrange and implement new online learning;​ this will be through Google Classroom and hopefully will be up and running as soon as possible. There will also be a timetable enclosed with a suggested plan for how to attempt and complete the work, here is a copy if you want to download it:
Week 6-8 January 2021.docx
The lessons covered: Mathematics, English (all 3 strands - reading, writing and GaPS), Religious Education, Science and Geography. Miss Heesom​ will be teaching you about Evolution and Inheritance in Science and Amazing Americas in Geography. It is vitally important that you attempt and submit the work back to school - all the details you need will follow as soon as possible. Miss Heesom, with my help is going to try an do an online introductory lesson about Evolution sometime next week (possibly after Wednesday 13th as I am in isolation at the moment, my wife and son both got positive Covid test results, mine are still somewhere in the system). Below you will find  the worksheets (downloadable versions) that you are getting at some point. It is also very important to read the letter that will come with them (copy below in Tuesday's blog).
As always if you need any help or guidance, about anything or just to say hello and let me and Miss. Heesom know how you are doing - use the Year 6 email address, just click on the link above.
Now- those worksheets:
 as you know we were working on fractions which were still causing the class some problems, the fraction wall is a great visual way for you to see the relationship between different fractions and how they combine together:
Two different worksheets that enable you to practise your skills:
And finally for Maths - a fraction, decimal and percentage game for you to play:
a_Harry-Potter_lockdown_learning_map_unit 1.docx
b_Harry-Potter_lockdown_resources_unit 1.docx
These three worksheets contain, reading and comprehension, GAPS work and general revision about word classes.
If you need any guidance or help with any of the above please get in touch via the Year 6 email link (listed at the top of this page). 
I know it seems very strange at the moment, it does for me as well, but together we can work through this latest setback; remember just like the 'Donkey in the well' and the elephant who thought he was lost and forgotten; t​hey survived as will we!
You are at the 'best' school you can be at and it will support you in any way it can - me included. Now something to look forward to:
COMING SOON - Google Classroom.
Speak soon,​
Mr. Mc x

Wednesday 6th January 2021
​Details about the work pack (that you will be asked to collect) to follow, I will also be putting the worksheets here for you to download; also the instructions needed to be able to complete the set work. 
Mr. Mc x​

Tuesday 5th January 2021
What can I say, not a lot really. I know Year 6 - that's unusual for me. Below you will find a copy of the letter that will acompany the pack of work this week, please read and as usual you know how to contact me (for anything that helps)​ at the link above.
More to follow as soon as plans are arranged and set in place.
School closure letter 2021.docx

Friday 1st January 2021
A new year in more ways than one; firstly the calendar year ticks over and I have to remember to write 2021 on the board, secondly, the most significant change is that we begin the next chapter in St. Martin's ongoing history by welcoming our new Head - Mrs. Ming. The months ahead seem very uncertain, we all know why, however the legacy that Mr. Hallman has left us gives Mrs. Ming a solid foundation to build upon. It would appear that the future for the children and staff at St. Martin's is well catered for and Year 6 and I look forward to welcoming Mrs. Ming on Tuesday 5th January. I hope the children have had a welcome break and thoroughly​ enjoyed their Christmas and New Year festivities, ready to return to what will be their final two terms at St. Martin's. There is an awful lot of work to be done over the next seven months and we will start in earnest as soon as we get back; Miss. Heesom included.
It has been wonderful to receive so many emails over the holiday period - none, might I add, about work, most just passing on good will and keeping in contact.
Hopefully I will see all the class on Tuesday morning (5th January) at the normal time of 8:45am. 
Bye for now,
Mr. Mc x 

Saturday 19th December 2020
WOW! what a Winter term that was. Very emotional day yesterday - for all concerned. I will post a more comprehensive set of thoughts once I have unscrambled my brain (yes - Year 6, I have one) and put them in some semblance of order. The only thing I can say is that Year 6, once again rose to the occasion and you should all be very proud of them. It was the end of an era as Mr. Hallman left us after 21 years, I only have had the pleasure of his leadership for the past eight and a half years; our friendship goes further back in time, but his influence on me both spiritually and morally will remain with me for the rest of my days. Now for 2 weeks rest and the thought of a new chapter as Year 6 and the rest of St. Martin's welcome our new Head - Mrs. Ming. 
More soon,
Mr. Mc x 
P.S. Thank you for the Secret Santa gifts you sent in and also for the gifts for myself and Miss. Heesom​. Although not expected they are gratefully received with humble thanks.

Friday 4th December 2020

​Last day, ​well apart from the weekend, but we would have been off anyway. Remember to use today to organize your work and finish those parts that need completion; IMPORTANT to remember (as I wrote yesterday) that your mental health is paramount, however you do need to have done work whilst you have been in isolation; remain calm and we will sort it out over next week. As long as you have attempted and tried your best, whatever that meant on certain days, then there is nothing to worry about.​ If you have finished then try out today's Mathematical Advent Calendar puzzle. I've had a go and it is excellent for visualising space, you can print it off and cut out the pieces if you want, however the online version allows you to drag and drop the pieces into place - very rewarding when you finish it. 
I will see you all at 8:45am on Monday morning. Remember, none of this is normal and certainly no one is to blame - well, yes I know, COVID 19, but we are stronger together and that's exactly where we will be on Monday morning.
As always have a safe weekend,
Mr. Mc x

Thursday 3rd December 2020

Nearly there, nearly back to the classroom and being a family once again. There is no 'new' work today, however you do need to ensure that the work you have started is completed. You have got today and tomorrow to collect all your work and get it ready for bringing in to school next week; use the folder that you took home to put it all in, including the 4 booklets (Maths x2, GaPS and Reading). You do not have to bring it in on Monday, Monday is a time for us all to be back and make sure we are alright. You can bring your work in throughout next week, however it must be brought in. There is a shapes challenge on today's Mathematical Advent Calendar for you to attempt and if you haven't already watched the Anne Frank videos - now would be a good time to catch up (note taking as well). Here's the link directly to the webpage:
Anne Frank Video Diaries​
If you need anything just email, as lots of you have been doing, remember​ your mental health is of utmost importance, so don't get stressed about the amount of work you have done. Difficult and strange times affect us all differently, just make sure you have tried your best  - as always that's all I ask of you.
Mr. Mc x ​

Wednesday 2nd December 2020

​​Another day closer to our return and hopefully a bit of normality in these far from normal times. Today is a practise Maths Arithmetic test. The majority of the questions we have covered in our 5/9 a day work and your Maths throughout KS2, however there are some questions that need a bit of work. The other thing to remember is the time - normally you would get 30 minutes to answer 36 questions; as most of you know this is an area that we need to work on as the perception of time hinders our ability​ to do even 'basic' Maths problems - FEAR and PANIC set in. Well don't let them, try to do the questions (making a note of how many you completed in the 30 minutes) to completion. Remember this is why we practise.

Now - those difficult questions:
Q24 - Fraction, remember to only add up the Numerators and then put your fraction into its Simplest Form.
Q25 - Percentages, you can either find 1% and multiply by 20 or find 10% and multiply by 2, both ways will give you the same answer.
Q27 - Fraction, In this question you will need to make the Denominators the same before working out your answer, which also needs to be in its Simplest form.
Q29 - Percentages, again 2 ways to solve; find 1% and then multiply by 15 or find 10% and then halve it to find 5%, then add you 2 amounts together to get 15%.
Q31 - Fraction, introduction of a mixed number. First you will have to convert the mixed number into an improper fraction, then you will have to convert to ensure that the Denominators are the same, then answer the question before converting your new improper fraction into its Simplest Form.
Q33 Fraction - Not as difficult as it seems, it really is just a case of turning the Integer into an improper fraction and then using the rules for division of fractions. Do not worry about this, try it and remember we will be covering fractions for revision in January.
Q34 Fraction - Divide 140 by 5 and then multiply by 2 is the simplest way to solve this.
Q35 Fraction - The same principle as Q31.
Q36 - BIDMAS (Brackets, Indices, Division, Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction) remember to do the division part of the problem first followed by the subtraction.
Attempt these 9 questions, but make sure you do all the other questions first as they will build up your skills and confidence before attempting these, remember you can do the questions in any order you like - be careful of time. 
As always if you need help, ask each other and if all else fails email me and I will do my best to get you through.
This will be the last 'new' post of work, use Thursday and Friday to consolidate your learning and get ready for school next Monday. Try to watch all 15 of the Anne Frank videos and make notes as they will be useful, again in January,​ when we return to​ our work on Anne.
That's all for now,
Mr. Mc x
P.S. Remember to try today's problem on the Mathematical Advent Calendar!​

Tuesday 1st December 2020

The first link today is to an NRICH Mathematical Advent Calendar, each day you click on will lead you to an interactive (there are downloadable versions​ included as well) Maths problem - excellent resource and fun as well, what more could you want? Try one each day until we get back on the 7th; we will continue with them in class then:
Mathematical Advent Calendar 2020

Today's second set of links is the Reading test, remember it is for practise purposes, however, as with yesterday's GaPS test there are certain criteria to follow. You should attempt to take the test within the 1 hour limit. Your answers should be succinct (to the point), do not repeat questions in your answers - it takes up your time. Remember your spelling, especially words from the text have to be verbatim (exact), you will lose marks if they are not. How you read the booklet is up to you, however, retrieval questions alone will not achieve a pass mark, however they are the quick, direct answers that build up your confidence. For instance Q1 asks you to find ONE word to explain 'relatives from a long time ago', once you have found it copy it exactly. That's all you need to gain the mark.

The reading booklet is a large file and in colour, if you print it off I suggest you do it in black and white, it will not alter your ability to read the questions; if you can​. If it is not possible to download (read the booklet off​ the screen you are viewing on) or you don't have a printer - just write your answers on paper, it is the quality of the work that counts not what they're wrote on. Well that's it for today, quite a lot to do. Remember we are getting nearer and nearer to returning to class. If you need any help or just want to do a WWDATWE, then email me. It is terrific the amount of correspondence the Year 6 email account gets, now if only I could master Facebook​!!!!!!!
Bye for now,
Mr. Mc x 

Monday 30th November 2020​
Day 6 week 2, not that I'm counting, well actually I am. This time next week we will be back together in our classroom as Year 6. Now onto this week's work, I've had many emails, which is great, about should the online work be attempted and completed - YES it should. If you can't download the work, just use paper and write your answers only. The work is important, however, your mental health is more so. Work on paper rather than downloaded answer sheets is fine, actually it is better than not attempting the work at all.
Today there is a GaPS paper for you to try. This is a practise and NOT an actual test. I would like you to do it in a timed sitting, ask someone to tell you when your time is up. This paper should be completed in 45 minutes. There will be questions that you haven't covered yet, that's okay. What I would like you to do is the following:
Take the 'practise' test in 45 minutes and answer the questions you can, whilst doing this make a note of the questions you have not covered in class across Years 4,5 and 6. Then once you have completed the test use your Grammar... booklet (that you have) to answer the questions you didn't do. For example if there is a question regarding the 'active voice' (Q41) look this up in your Grammar booklet and then attempt to answer the question. 
As always if you need help, email​, BUT, only after you have used your Grammar booklet to learn from.

These just in from Mini Vinnies, two different Advent calendars and a 'New' way of thinking about charity - all 3 are worth reading in these trying and strange times:
Advent Christmas Countdown Calendar 2020 Mini Vinnies.pdf
Good Deeds Calendar.pdf
New Ways of Engaging With Charity MV.pdf

Tomorrow there will be a Reading (comprehension) 1 hour practise test ​posted online - extremely important to attempt.
That's all for now, enough I hear you cry!
Stay safe and learn,
Mr. Mc x

Friday 27th November 2020
One week gone and I hope everyone is well and keeping themselves active, both mentally and physically. There is no new work today, today is a day to catch up on the work from the week:

1. Maths - 36 questions, Fractions sections of booklets, read and re-read the 96 words Ultimate Vocabulary booklet and, finally for Maths watched the Oak Academy lesson online.
2. Started the My Year 6 so far... mind map​ and hopefully written a draft copy of your answer - ready to edit and complete next week.
3. Watched at least 6 or 7 of the 15 Anne Frank videos and made notes for each episode. 
4. Attempted/completed at least 4 Reading comprehensions from the booklet.
5. Started and made progress in the Grammar... booklet.

Wow, that seems a lot of work, although if you have done a bit each day, you, by the end of today, should be up to date.
I will be posting 3 SATs tests next week for you to attempt:
Maths (all 3 papers, Arithmetic, Reasoning 1 and 2)
Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling
I will explain the criteria (what you need to do) when they are posted. Don't worry they are for practise purposes and will inform the work we need to do when we return in January, which by the way is only 10 school days away for us after we get back. Remember there is an enormous amount of Christmas preparations and Miss Heesom to sort out (in a purely good way)​ when we all see each other again on Monday 7th December.
I for one can't wait,
Mr. Mc x

Thursday 26th November - later than before!
Here is a link to the  Government's Oak National Academy, it is a lesson about Revising Fractions -  watch and it will help​ with any misconceptions:
Oak National Academy - Fractions revision

Thursday 26th November 2020
This just in from Miss Heesom, who will be back on Monday 7th December (​as will we all) to start her 10 week placement:
About me update.jpg
Day 4 and (by the amount of emails I am receiving) you all seem to be working away and, hopefully, coping with the time away from class. I am putting this picture on here as a reminder of how far we have actually come since September 2nd, the expectation and reality of the situation vary greatly. All I need you to do is remain focused and keep your moral compass aligned and Monday 7th December will be upon us.
As far as the work goes, the Reading and GaPS booklets are paramount, with regards to Maths, as well as the 9 a day questions you should go to the sections in the 2 booklets covering FRACTIONS. This is an area, as a class, we need to consolidate our understanding, knowledge​ and practise. Remember to use Rock Star Time Tables to keep your quick recall of multiplication on track, as much as possible - i'ts a 'fun' way of learning those all important basic mathematical building blocks - time tables!
As always keep your heads held high and try to work and support each other, remotely, I might add. Or just say hello to each other and check in to ensure we are all managing to keep afloat.
Mr. Mc x

Wednesday 25th November  - thoughts after lots of emails today:
I hope everyone is keeping their spirits high and their manners as we work through this isolation - together. It would appear that the fraction question in today's Maths caused some problems, Q17 asked:
1/3 + 7/18
Remember the rule for addition of fractions - the Denominators (one of your 96 Maths words) need to be the same. As we can't reduce the 7/18 (SF simplest form) we need to change the 1/3 into 18ths. We do this by seeing how many times 3 goes into 18, which is 6 times and then multiplying the top number (Numerator - another of your 96 Maths word) and bottom number (Denominator) both by 6. This gives us the new fraction of:
6 x 1 = 6, over 6 x 3 = 18.
Our sum now reads:
6/18 + 7/18 = 6 + 7/18 = 13/18 (SF simplest form)
The answer is therefore 13/18 as it can't be reduced any further.
Any other issues or misconceptions -  as always​ email me on the link above.
Speak to you tomorrow,
Mr. Mc x

Wednesday 25th November latest update:
I have created a (simple yet, editable, don't change the episode numbers or titles) notes sheet for you to use whilst watching the 15 Anne Frank videos. If you can't print it off then enter your notes and save it to the computer:
AFH videos notes 2020.docx

Wednesday 25th November 2020
Here we are once again, day 3 (not that I'm counting) and a couple of things today. Firstly, there is a list of 96, yes 96 words that you need to know with regards Maths and it is called, wait for it:
Ultimate Maths Vocabulary List (sounds like a cool read!)
The list covers all the years in primary school​ and builds up to (obviously) Year 6. This is an important document for our Reasoning work; ​words are added to numbers to create more complex mathematical problems. It is essential that we know what the words mean to enable us to answer the question/s correctly.
You have a copy waiting​ for you back in school, however it is worth reading whilst we have extra time on our hands:
Secondly, and this will take some time. A series of videos about Anne Frank. The link below will guide you to the Anne Frank House page for a remarkable set of videos (I've seen a lot of material about Anne and this series of films redefines how to better understand the diary and Anne herself - believe me it's terrific viewing):
Anne Fra​nk Video Diaries
Yes, I know they have sub-titles, but this is part of the overall dynamic of the videos; why do you think they are made like that? Your work is to watch the videos and make notes about each of the episodes, thinking about Anne and the situation she and her family found themselves in.
All you need for this is a pencil/pen and paper, nothing special, just a basic pencil or pen and paper. The most important aspect are the notes you take and what you get out of seeing and not hearing Anne's words. Please do not watch them all at once, pace yourselves and enjoy, they really do add to the world of Anne and her diary; they will help​ us with our work in January, hopefully when things return to some sort of NORMAL!
If you need me, for anything - email.
I know it's hard being away from the classroom, but remember it's still there and we will be back - sooner than you think. Roll on Monday 7th December, that's all I can say.
Bye for now,
Mr. Mc x

Tuesday 24th November 2020
Good morning Year 6, one down nine to go; back sooner than you think! Here is this week's arithmetic set of questions. They are just the same as the ones we do each morning. The front page lists it as test, however, DO NOT do it as a test. There are 36 question, so do the following:
Tuesday 1 - 9
Wednesday 10 - 18
Thursday 19 - 27
Friday 28 - 36
It is important you show ALL working out for each question, even basic column addition etc. If there are any questions you are unsure about email me and I will give you guidance - e.g. percentages.​
Daily arithmetic week 1.pdf

Monday 23rd November 2020
Well here we are - two weeks isolation for Year 6, the children handled themselves with great dignity this morning and to those children I visited with their work, they also handled themselves in a mature way - well done to all.
Below you will find my letter to you and your parents - please read. Hopefully I'll see you all on Monday 7th December, however I will write or speak to you all in the ensuing two weeks. Also attatched is the My Year 6 - so far... work we started on Friday; you will need the following documents:
1. Mind-map My Year 6 - mind map 2020.docx
2. Exemplar 1 My Year 6 so far 2020 exemplar.docx
3. Exemplar 2 Year 6 so far - exemplar 2.docx
4. Question and answer sheet Year 6 so far November 2020.doc
Stay safe, take care and help each other!​​
Mr. Mc x
Lockdown letter 2020.docx

Saturday 21st November 2020
Unfortunately there will be no update this week, I was only in two days and but for the children I wouldn't have made it to Friday night - so to all Year 6 - THANK YOU. And to those children who wrote to me via the email address a HUGE thanks as they helped me to get back to work on Thursday,​ eve​n when my mind said 'no'. However, still not quite right and need to be ready for Monday when Miss Heesom joins us as our 3rd year student; welcome home Miss. All in all this just makes me think that ​retirement beckons.
Bye for now,
Mr. Mc x

Tuesday 17th November 2020
Big apologies to Year 6, I haven't been very well (NO NOT COVID) this past 10 days; since I had a procedure done to help my sinus problems (old age setting in). I should be back in school on Thursday 19th November and to say that I have missed the class, even if they haven't missed me, is an understatement.
Hope to see you soon,
Mr. Mc x ​

Sunday 15th November 2020
Wow! what a week. On Thursday we were visited by our student Miss Heesom, she came to say hello and spend the morning with us before starting her placement on Monday 23rd November. As in my previous ramblings I first taught Miss. Heesom eleven years ago, firstly in Year 5 at St. Martin's then for her entire Year 6 at Victoria Road. What a terrific way of paying it back/forward to be able to teach her again, albeit with the aid of the wonderful Year 6. After she had gone the children were full of praise for her, they had grilled her in a question and answer session that lasted quite a considerable amount of time; suffice to say she passed with flying colours. 
Welcome Miss. Heesom and we will see you on the 23rd.
On Friday we all came dressed for BBC Children In Need, and the class were resplendent in all manner of outfits. We held a parade and voted for our favourites. In 1st place we have:
Ella Murphy.
​Followed in 2nd place by Josh and Sam Ellams.
Finally, I must just mention Lucy Highton's dad - Ste. He sent in a pack of low sugar-​healthy biscuits (lots) for Year 6 to be used at breaktime for those children who have, for whatever reason, been unable to get tuck. A HUGE Year 6 THANK YOU!
Bye for now,
Mr. Mc x

Saturday 7th November 2020​
​I hope you are all safe and well as I write this weekly set of thoughts and happenings from the Year 6 classroom. It seems that my phobia of time is catching me up quicker that I ever imagined (YES I know the word imagined tells me time is constant); one week has passed by so rapidly. The children came back after half term break and have been engaged and motivated for the second part of their six part 'final' journey. However, as I sit here this morning I am drawn to the realization​ that as a school and class we have worked tremendously hard to keep everyone safe and in school. It has added an extra layer onto the children's education as they are doing things differently and missing out on the 'usual' school interactions. All in all it reminds me of how special St. Martin's is to the community; I for one will continue to try and inspire my class to appreciate their time in school and understand that their education is paramount for their futures. I can't see myself in a year's time writing this website, so while I'm still here I will do my best to remind anyone reading that 'we are the BEST Year 6 - in our world!'
Bye for now,
Mr. Mc x

Sunday 1st November 2020
​I hope and pray everyone has had a good break and recharged
their 'batteries' for the next seven weeks (leading up to Christmas). At the end of this next half term Mr. Hallman will be leaving St. Martin's and from January we shall have a new Head; ready to take St. Martin's into the future, an unsure one, however a 'new' one. I'm looking forward to our weekly 'What we did...' start in the morning to hear about all the wonderful things your children have been up to over the past nine days.
We will do our best (as a class) to ensure that the Christmas half term is as full and enriching as the first eight weeks were.
Remember it is your children's last Christmas at St. Martin's so let's make it as good as we possibly can.  
See you in the morning,
bye for now,
Mr. Mc x

Sunday 25th October 2020
​Well, as promised here is my take on the last eight weeks in Year 6. One word springs to mind as I sit here contemplating the first half term - rewarding. Rewarding in so many ways, firstly I wasn't sure if the children would return to school with a fervour for learning - they did! Secondly - would I return after the summer for another year at St. Martin's - I did! Thirdly, oh well, you get the picture, Year 6 have been nothing short of outstanding, from behaviour, attendance, adaptability to learning. Throughout the eight weeks they have put the trials and tribulations of 'lock down' in a place, not forgotten, but away in the memory, used as experience. It was slightly difficult on Friday as both the class and I knew we needed a break, but strangely it ​felt not right, however after we reassured ourselves that Monday 2nd November was only nine days away and NOT five months (as in March) we happily went on our way. Hopefully, when we get back we can continue to make the progress we had begun, it was methodical and at times lacking pace, but with what they have been through totally commendable​. It is important to remember that we as a class will do the best we can to make you all proud; as I've said before - ​what more could anyone ask.
Bye for now,
Stay cafe and take care - see you on Monday 2nd November
Mr. Mc x 
REMEMBER if you need to get in touch, use the Year 6 email address:
Year 6 email​

Saturday 24th October 2020
WOW! what an eight weeks that was. I was going to write this very early this morning at about 5:30am when I got up, I know what you're thinking, why are you getting up at that time on a Saturday in half term?
Well, let me tell you - it is extremely difficult to just switch off and my body clock, although getting older by the minute, is still functioning so I thought I should be up getting ready for work. I'm sure the children will be just the same this morning and I've already had several emails to the Year 6 address saying they miss school; how terrific is that after all they have been through. I'm going to add my thoughts about our first eight weeks together - tomorrow morning, after, hopefully sleeping in until at least 6:00am!
Bye for now,
Mr. Mc x

​Sunday 18th October 2020
The world we live in seems to become stranger and stranger day by day. We have been back in school for seven weeks now and (touch wood) have had a consistent attendance in the class and school of around 94-96% most weeks. What a testament to the families that send their children to St. Martin's and the school, but more importantly the staff, who work tirelessly to keep the school a safe environment to work and learn in.​ I know in Year 6 we have become very proud of our ability to adapt to any situation that arises. We talk, regularly, about the need to be in school rather than in 'lockdown' again, whatever type of 'lockdown' that might be. The sense of family and understanding within the class is quite astounding, each child wants to learn and the enthusiasm within the lessons is clear to see, even when the concepts being taught are challenging.
As we enter, what we call 'the dark months' our resolve and determination to make progress, however slow and steady that may be, is imperative​ to our mental health and wellbeing, mine included. Half-term is only 5 school days away and a break from the 'new' school system will give us time to appreciate​ what this wonderful school affords us - a home away from home. I for one am grateful to be able to work in such a place and teach such inquisitive children - thank you.
Bye for now,
Mr. Mc x

Sunday 11th October 2020
Sunday morning  already, I just remember writing last week's piece and yet, here I find myself back at my computer contemplating this past week in our classroom. First things first - there was no homework this week; it felt right as the class has worked tremendously hard all week and there were signs of fatigue​ setting in late Thursday early Friday morning. I feel it essential that the children want to be in school - learning, however there comes a point of no return. Refresh, recharge and go again; that's what we will do on Monday morning! We are nearly at the October half-term holiday when the school will get a well earned break, hopefully this will allow the children time to reflect on a wonderful first half-term (I know there's two weeks to go, but, rest assured they will be good!). As for myself, the children keep inspiring me to get up and come to school and teach. it seems a long time ago that I did my training with Mrs. Walton and Mrs. Bradley in Year 5, however I taught a girl in that class who I later taught in Year 6 at Victoria Road - Hannah Heesom. Eleven years later Hannah is now training to be a teacher and wants to complete her third year practise in St. Martin's in Year 6! It would appear that she has come full circle back to her original primary school. I will keep you informed of events as they happen, she should start sometime in November - as long as it is safe to do so.
Bye for now,
Mr. Mc x

Sunday 4th October 2020
This week we have Maths homework​ about the expanded form of numbers up to and including 10 digits and writing numbers as words also up to and including 10 digits ​(due in on Tuesday 6th October). The children each have a hard copy - this is in case they misplace their version:
Maths homework no. 3 2-10-2020.docx

Saturday 3rd October 2020
I know - October already. Even in these 'different' times it still amazes me how the weeks seem to pass by very quickly, although I know they don't, the perception is quite the opposite. Even the children are beginning to realise that Year 6 will come and go in the 'blink of an eye', which is why we must make the best of everything we do. And I must say that up to now that'​s exactly what we are doing. Our stamina is getting better (including mine, I might add) and this is helping us to pace our days and weeks in a more routine manner. By the time Thursday's PE lesson with Mr. Lomas and Friday's cricket lesson with Coach Chris come around the class is still full of energy and more importantly - enthusiasm. The level of work and the understanding that goes with being in Year 6 is progressing as we listen and learn more, as well as the level of independence in thought and mind. We still have some distance to go to 'make-up' for the months of missed education, however, if they continue as they have started the year, they will succeed and do their best to make, first and foremost them​selves proud, which will in turn make you proud.
I really do have the 'best' job in the world teaching Year 6 at St. Martin's, hopefully for this one last year I can do you proud as well.
Bye for now,
Mr. Mc x

Sunday 28th September 2020
Four weeks in already and what a terrific four weeks it has been. We have nearly a full class most days and we have built up a great sense of purpose amongst us. Safety is paramount throughout our day and we have a cleaning rota in operation that is second to none - hands included! The level of commitment to school is exemplary and each new day brings a fresh resolve to do their best. We have begun our work on Anne Frank and the Holocaust and I am pleased to say the response from the class has been nothing short of outstanding. They really do want to learn and grow with the subject. This will help them learn the skills needed to achieve standard in English as we try to 'catch up' for the missing time in Year 5.
Homework was set on Friday (due in on Tuesday 29th). It centered around having to flee home at a moment's notice and more importantly what three things would they take and why? Just as Anne did on July 6th 1942 when she entered the 'Secret Annex' with the rest of her family​.
Here's to another ​week ahead and hopefully another week were the enthusiasm and input remains as high as it has been.
Bye for now,
Mr. Mc x

Sunday 20th September 2020
Year 6 Homework Friday 18th September - DUE IN ON TUESDAY 22nd September (back-up copies of work and reading):
1st Homework - 18-09-2020.docx
AF intro reading.jpg

Thursday 17th September 2020
Today we discussed the possibility of the class or indeed school having to go into lockdown again. Year 6 will need a way of receiving work and keeping in touch with myself. 
The Year 6 email address is as follows:​
This page is also a portal to any work that would NEED to be completed. The following work is a piece that we will be working on as we build our stamina and confidence levels back up, across these first few weeks.
We will hold further discussions in class on Friday 18th September to work out the best way of proceeding in the unfortunate event of a lockdown.
Bye for now,
Mr. Mc x

Sunday 13th September 2020
WOW! one whole week in school and what a good one it was. As I said in my first entry (2nd August) the first hurdle we have to overcome is how to get back to a routine, hourly, weekly etc. Well, we have done our first full week and apart from teething problems, which happen at the beginning of every new academic year, it went extremely well. The children are starting to understand that school is different, health and safety must always come first, also the fact that coming in and leaving class times also are altered. However everyone is playing their part and making these new restrictions (toilet times, washing hands, cleaning the class) all work to our benefit. During the week we took our time as I introduced them to the 12 Principles of Year 6 and that it is important to build our moral compass (which these 12 Principles form). The lessons involved engaging dialogue between us all​, enabling the class to understand the basis of Year 6 life. PE and cricket lessons were excellent and the children really enjoyed the activities provided. Towards the end of the week, as is customary in Year 6, I introduced Philippe Petit to the class and his 'WALK' between the Twin Towers in Manhattan on the 7th August 1974 (part of our 911 remembrance). Considering the stamina levels in the class were beginning to wane (well they have been away for a long time!) the input from the class and the level of questions asked was quite astonishing, so much so that we will continue on Monday 14th to enable us to complete our work. 
Here's to another week as we build our stamina, ​knowledge and moral compass towards the levels we need to make Year 6 a success, however, also as I've said before, if the children and I do our best then that is all we can do ​(I've been here before) and please believe me we will do the school and yourselves proud​. And that is worth coming to school for!
Bye for now,
Stay safe and take care,
Mr. Mc x

Sunday 6th September 2020
One week gone already (well 3 days - but you know what I mean!) and another Year 6 class enters their final year at St. Martin's. I hope and pray that this year will be more settled and focused​ than the previous one​. By now the 'old' Year 6 children will all be Year 7's and will have attended their respective high schools; some have already visited as they picked up siblings from us and it was great to see them in their new school uniforms. The 'new' Year 6 have really impressed me - they have been away from school for nearly 6 months, but during these tentative first days they have shown me true St. Martin's spirit and resolve. It has been, well for me anyway, truly exciting to be back in the Year 6 classroom (as I know all the other teacher's have) starting to educate your children for one final time. There will be traumatic days and weeks ahead, there always is, however, we will strive to make you proud by doing our best - that is all we can promise. I for one will be happy with that, as you should be. Here's to Week 2 and whatever that may bring - well, 911 on Friday 11th September.
Bye for now,
Stay safe and take care,
Mr. Mc x​

Sunday 2nd August 2020
Well two weeks has gone by in a flash (cue Queen music - Bella) and I am beginning to think about September and how school might be when we all return. The 'new' Year 6 children will have been away from school since March 20th; over 5 months without formal education. The Government have already published details of when we will be expected to take SATs next May as well as their English writing assessment in June. A tall order even with a complete Year 5 'under their belt'. Our job as a class will be to adapt to a new way of life within school - becoming settled again in daily, weekly, monthly education and most importantly learning to cope with the pressure of our missed education. It is not your fault that this virus engulfed us all, however it is our responsibility to return ready to 'catch up' and make progress with our school work - both academically and spiritually as well. I have for the past eight years been the Year 6 teacher at St. Martin's, a job I believe in and do to the best of my (aging) abilities. It is my responsibility to ensure your children achieve their potential and I firmly believe that manners, dignity, trust, loyalty all key elements of Year 6 life are just as important, if not more so, than Maths and English. Not every one can count, write and read to an achieved standard, yet they can believe in our school and class and certainly become better people for having been at St. Martin's. I have extremely high standards when it comes to having a 'moral compass' and next year will be no different.
Just before I go, I must remind the leaving Year 6 children that I have not and never will forget you. It was a very strange year, you had so much taken​ away from you, yes SATs as well, but you did everything that the school and I asked of you and for that I am eternally honoured and grateful. And to the children, who for whatever reason didn't make it back for the last four weeks you were talked about, never forgotten and very much missed by the whole class and in particular - me. As your summer holidays pass remember to stay safe and be prepared for high school, they as with St. Martin's will 
be different​. 
If any of you need help, advice etc. remember to use the Year 6 email address:
To the 'NEW' Year 6 see you in September,
That's all folks!
Mr. Mc x

12th January 2021
Fresh in from Grace and as with all the other photographs here a heartfelt reason as to why it reminds her of the topic, thanks Grace. I have others but I need the reasoning behind your choice. HOWEVER still lots to come in - Year 6 this is important; your comments will be needed in follow up work after the 27th January (Holocaust Memorial Day) Anyway back to Grace's photograph:
11th January 2021
Two new photographs for you to think about, from Nathan and Nikola. Nathan's explanation was terrific, succinct but, hit the mark with its sentiment and meaning. I'm waiting on Nikola's words, although her photograph is very atmospheric and I love the skewed angle of the shot.
Nathan's photograph:
Nikola's photograph:
8th January 2021
Another picture to join our Holocaust Memorial Day collection; this time from Louie, whose explanation, like the twins was well thought out and explained, well done to all. Now can the rest of Year 6 get creative and email them​ in PLEASE!
7th January 2021
Brilliant - more photos to display. These two come from Sam and Josh and are absolutely terrific. And I must add the reasons behind their choices are outstanding, but that's for future discussion. Come on Year 6 - get your cameras out and email them in!
Thursday Wednesday 6th January 2021
Be The Light In The Darkness photos:
We've had our first one in from Miss. Heesom, brilliant and thank you.
image2 (5).jpeg
Thursday 3rd December 2020
We haven't had any new Stars for a couple of weeks (I wonder why?) but, I found this picture and it summed up what we have to do (for the rest of this final year at St. Martin's) to achieve our aims and make progress:

Saturday 21st November 2020
Here we are, another two Stars. As always chosen by their peers; no finer compliment than that!
Sunday 15th November 2020
A different set of Stars this week​ chosen by Miss. Heesom after spending the morning with us on Thursday:
Saturday 7th November 2020
Here we are with two new Stars, again chosen by the childen. In fact when Alissa received her award she commented that she had never been chosen for anything before, in her life. Well Alissa you are part of the St. Martin's family now and forever - well done to you and Ethan on receiving these awards:

Friday 23rd October 2020
There was only really one choice available this week; you guessed right - the whole class! See my comments in the other column for some of the reasons behind this decision:

Friday 16th October 2020
Another excellent assembly with Mr. Hallman this morning in the Year 6 classroom. The class has decided that Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond is to be their class song. We gave it an impromptu​ go and it was brilliant to hear the class singing along to Mr. Hallman's hastily arranged guitar parts. Oh, we also chose our two new Stars:


Friday 9th October 2020
We had a great assembly with Mr. Hallman this morning, we even got to sing Children of the Light! Two new Stars for you to read about:

Friday 3rd October 2020
Unfortunately Mr. Hallman wasn't able to have a Year 6 assembly due to prior engagements - Stars will return next week.

Friday 25th September 2020
None this week due to Dance-A-Thon fund raising event in the hall. Year 6 had a terrific time and a big thanks from them to Miss Rowe for being our dance leader.

Friday 18th September 2020
Here we are - our first 2 Stars of the new Year 6, chosen by the rest of the class to represent our class and school:

As from Friday September 18th - Stars will return and be awarded by Mr. Hallman in his Year 6 Assembly (which is held in class). Usually, on a Sunday morning, I will include the 2 Stars here for you to read about their awards and why the class picked them. I get one vote as do the rest of the class; so to win a Star award in Year 6 means they have been nominated by their peers.​