Year 6 with Mr. Hallman and distinguished guests - Sister Teresa and Janet Lawrence (Head of Mini Vinnies for the Shrewsbury Diocese) at their Mini Vinnie Commissioning Assembly on Friday 19th January 2018.

Year 6 Holocaust Memorial Assembly -
​Monday 29th January 2018IMG_1675.jpg

Mr. McNulty's Weekly View​​​ ​

​​Saturday 17th February 2018

​​Hello and welcome, I hope everyone has had a relaxing half-term break. I got to see one of my favourite bands - (one that I first saw in 1981) Simple Minds. Speaking of which I am looking forward to Monday so I can​ see and hear from the brilliant minds of your children (see what I did there - clever eh?) and find out what they have been up to over the break. 

The next 6 weeks is full of exciting times, we have:

Aspirations Day (set up by Mrs. Parker) for Year 5 and 6,

Holocaust Trust Education Day,

A visit by a Holocaust survivor - a highlight for the class and myself as well, oh and the 4 Year 8 children who will be getting invites,

Stations of the Cross Service given by Year 6.

All of this is on top of a very busy academic schedule leading up to NCTs (SATs) in May. This will include extra lessons on a Monday and Tuesday (3:20 to 4:45pm) which are NOT compulsory - details of exact times, dates and reply slip to follow as well as information about your Parent meetings, which will take place in early July (as they have done for the past 5 years). ​

I pray the children are all eager to get back to school on Monday 19th and are refreshed and raring to go. We are over half way through the last year of primary school and time will appear to move along at a pace from this point forward - so let's enjoy the time we have left as the Year 6 family!

Bye for now,


Mr. Mc x

3rd February 2018
A slightly different weekly update from me.
Another week another Assembly by Year 6. This time to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day 2018. Year 6 delivered a timely reminder to all that hatred is not welcome - ANYWHERE! 
Through readings, music, visuals and prayer we, as a school honoured the 6,000,000 who shall never be forgotten. This year the theme was the power of words. And the class came up with the following verse:
​Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words​ will never hurt me. WORDS DO HURT!
I am always humbled by the children who put across such emotion. To add to this we, as a class with Mr. Hallman as our touring guitarist, walked up to Halton Haven to deliver a singing (mini) concert to the residents and staff including Sister Teresa, I have wanted to do this for a long time and eventually one of my 'bucket list' was ticked off. Again the children were magnificent and emotions flowed as we sang with full hearts and strong conviction.
There is nothing else for me to add, my words would only pale into the distance, so for now,
Mr. Mc x

Welcome to Year 6 

Year 6 Curri​c​ulum​​ Overview​​

​​Sta​rs​ of the Week​

​​​Friday 2nd February 2018

​Another Stars Assembly - 2 new Year 6 Stars:

Nina Doyle and Lucas Brown.


Nina was chosen for her ability to think about others before herself. Not only in work, but, friendship and support as well. Nina strives to achieve in her work and then wants to help others who might be finding the work difficult or challenging. What a wonderful peer to have within the class.


Lucas faced a setback on Thursday, one which in the past might have derailed his steady progress in Year 6. But to his great credit he handled the situation with maturity and showed the class and I what great strides he has made since entering Year 6.

Well done to both worthy recipients.

It was wonderful to welcome Clarence, Jack and Charlie back to their old classroom, on Tuesday evening. All 3 had popped in to say 'Happy New Year' to Year 6 and myself. It is always a pleasure to see 'old' Year 6 children coming back to let us know how they are coping with and enjoying being a high school child. It helps the current Year 6 to see that however daunting leaving primary school is, and it is, it is also the beginning of the rest of their education. Great to see you boys - now if only the girls would visit!

Sunday 28th January 2018

Good morning, I hope somebody out there is reading this. If this webpage goes unread it means the trials and tribulations of being in Year 6 are lost to the 'netherworld' - whatever that means! Anyway, hopefully somebody is reading - so here goes.

A more settled week than the one before. We have started to move into another gear and the work being produced is of a very high standard, not always correct, but not for the lack of trying. It is odd to think that we break up again in 2 weeks time when we have only just returned, however, we cannot control breaks in our education we can only adapt and use them to our advantage. 

On Monday we will deliver our Holocaust Memorial Assembly to the school and try to convey that words can play a major part in our lives - both good and bad. The children have been working hard to create an assembly that will not only inform, but help to ​remember the past to create a better future.

As always I am extremely proud to be their teacher and watching them discuss and debate how best to deliver said assembly wa​s a joy to behold. It is possibly the last time we as a class deliver such an important message, I know it will be thoughtful and caring, but most of all from the heart.

Bye for now,


Mr. Mc x 

Sunday 21st January 2018

Hello, A more focused week in Year 6 after our trials and tribulations of Robinwood which culminated on Friday with the Mini Vinnie Commissioning Assembly. It is in this assembly that your children become actual Mini Vinnies. The entire class worked as a team to produce a very thoughtful and informative assembly, however added praise must go out to our 3 Mini Vinnies Presidents: Mollie Campbell, Lucas Brown and Regan Pearson as well as to Lucy Hall and Anthony Lavelle who spoke so eloquently about what it means to them to be a Mini Vinnie.

In the world of academia we are moving into a really busy couple of months. SPaG sheets were laminated and given out, a reconditioned SPaG work book was also given out on Friday and forms our first homework of the year. It is of vital importance that your child's homework is completed and brought in on time as we use it in that day's lesson.

This week we will be preparing for our Holocaust Memorial Day Assembly on Monday 29th January 2018. I would like to finish by adding a final note; over the next six and a half months your child will be taking their NCTs in May, completing their Writing Assessment by the end of June, creating and delivering many assemblies in the hall, including their Leaver's Show on the final day - Friday 20th July amongst all the other duties and responsibilities they have. oh and getting ready for the biggest change in their young lives - HIGH SCHOOL. Pretty daunting or a terrific challenge, I know which one the children would say; so let's get on with the CHALLENGE ahead!​. 

Before I forget I ran into Charlie and Lexi Rimmer's​ mum on Thursday on my way to swimming. It was great to hear how Lexi was doing and to talk about Charlie. Later that day she sent me 2 pictures of me and Charlie, she will never be forgotten in St. Martin's nor in my heart. 

Bye for now,


Mr. Mc x

​​Sunday 14th January 2018

What a first week back after the Christmas and New Year break. 3 days in Robinwood and then 2 days staying awake and focused​ - the latter far harder than you think!

It is easy to say how much I think Year 6 are 'magnificent' and some would argue that I'm biased. They might have a case, however, if you could see what I see and listen to what other 'adults' say about them then you would see that my perception of Year 6 is actually quite accurate​. All, and I mean all of the RobinWood staff (instructors, leaders, night staff, kitchen staff) were extremely complementary of your children, this in turn adds weight to my opinion. 

A huge THANK YOU goes out to:

Mrs. Parker and 

Mrs. Grindrod


without their​ help and input the Robinwood trip would 1. not of taken place and 2. been the massive success that it was.

Year 6 thank you as do I - THANKS!

The true worth of your children was evident on Thursday and Friday when tiredness of both mind and body set in, yet, they all gave their best and we had a 'brilliant' if tireing 2 days.

Onward and hopefully recharged for the remainder of this (short) half-term!


Mr. Mc x

Sunday 7th January 2018

​Hello and Happy New Year to everyone!

Just a quick update - I hope you all have had a truly terrific Christmas break and are looking forward to getting back to school. Tomorrow, we set off for Robinwood on our residential, remember the coach leaves at 9:00am PROMPT and please DON'T forget your children's medicines (if needed) which should be given to Mrs. Grindrod, in the morning. Once RobinWood is over we will return to the task at hand - seeing out the final 6 - 7 months of Year 6; it sounds oh so easy, however, it couldn't be further from the truth. What I can tell you though - is that we will do our best and that's all anyone can ask of anyone.


Mr. Mc x​

​​Sunday 24th December 2017

What a tremendous last few days we had; Tiny Step's Nativity, Advent Mass and the Christmas Party - all were, in their own rights - wonderful examples of St. Martin's at its BEST!

Than you to all the children who took part in the Year 6 Secret Santa - a resounding success. And a huge thank you to everyone who sent in gifts; I'm always honoured to receive these gifts, however, I also believe that educating your children, to believe in themselves, is paramount. The attitude and behaviour of Year 6 is reward enough, s​o - thank you.

I will sign off with the words;

Have a Happy, Holy Christmas and a Wonderful New Year for 2018! 

Thanks for all your support - now and over my 6 years at St. Martin's.

Remember - Robinwood on the first day back, NOTHING NEW (as they will get dirty)​ and please remember your child's medicines - if needed!


Mr. Mc x

Sunday 17th December 2017

Good morning, well here we are - the final week of a very long half-term. The children have 3 days to go until their Christmas break and then we are off to Robinwood for 3 days of fun and adventure before beginning the journey towards our NCT's (SATs) in May.

On Friday we said goodbye to Miss Bostock (on the left, ​above) and Miss Karalius (on the right) - our Student Teachers, don't worry, they are coming back in March to complete their assignment with us! It was a joyous affair with the class holding an impromptu Talent Show. Well done to the whole class, they all joined in, and to the eventual 3 winners: 3rd place - Sean Eccles for his magic trick, 2nd place - Alex Baldwin for his quick fire artwork and finally in 1st place - Megan Smith for her acapella singing.

On Tuesday, the Juniors have their Christmas Party which promises to be 2 hours of fun, ​music and games in the hall and then, on Wednesday, there is the Advent Mass for the whole school. It is your children's final Advent Mass as a ST. Martin's child and it would be terrific if as many parents as possible could attend (work permitting).

Remember school finishes at 2:30 on Wednesday and from the bottom of my heart and the small recesses of my mind - I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

I've always had the notion that to be the Year 6 Teacher in a primary school is such an honour, the children's​ final year as children before they move on to become young adults and learn about new and exciting subjects. Well, I have that job in St. Martin's and let me tell you - yes - it is an honour and it is all mine!

As always thank you for your support,

Bye for now,


Mr. Mc x​

​Sunday 10th December 2017

Wow! what a week; Advent rehearsals and then the actual service on Wednesday morning, Robinwood meeting on Thursday night and finally our 2 student Teachers had their University observations on Friday. Life really moves at pace in Year 6 and as usual the children were - IMMENSE! It might seem relatively easy to use such exaggerated words when describing the class, however, to me they are far from we have over the top and actually reflect how I feel about the children.

Take Friday morning for example - both of the students (Miss Bostock and Miss Karalius) had to deliver lessons in a certain manner, quite different to how the normal lesson in Year 6 usually unfolds, the children adapted to both and were fully engaged and played their part in 2 very good lessons, which pleased the Tutor from Hope University. This is not only a testament to the 2 student Teachers but also your children for rising to the challenge at the end of a very busy week, as I said at the beginning, it is NO exaggeration to call them immense and the 'BEST Year 6 in our World'.

Before I forget - the backdrops to the Advent Service and control of them throughout was down to stellar work by our own Sean Eccles. Sean worked tirelessly to make, adapt, manipulate and deliver a truly wonderful addition to the actual service​ - WELL DONE Sean.

Here's to another busy week in Year 6.

As always thank you for your support,

Bye for now,


Mr. Mc x


Saturday 2nd December 2017

Another week has flown by as we journey towards Christmas and a well deserved break for the class. On Friday 1st we held the St. Martin's Christmas Fair and we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone  who attended and spent their hard earned money helping the​​​ ​school. Thank you Year 6 for your continued support and faith in your school.

Next week looks just as busy - Advent rehearsals and Service, RobinWood meeting on Thursday night at 6:00pm (letter coming out on Monday 4th) and our 2 Student Teachers have their assessment on Friday 8th - don't worry Year 6 will do them 'proud'.

Hopefully I will see most of you on Thursday night and here's to another fulfilling week in Year 6 at St. Martins.

Bye for now,​


Mr. Mc x

Sunday 26th November 2017

Busy times for everyone at the moment, what with Christmas fast approaching.

Year 6 is no exception; this coming week we are preparing for the Advent Service, organising and planning our contribution to the Christmas Fair, helping our two Student Teachers to continue to learn and finall​y doing some school work: Mathematics, English, Science, Religious Education, Music and P.E. I think you will agree, there is a lot to do (as in all our classes across the school). 

Thank you to all the parents who have sent in selection boxes, gifts and toys over the weeks they are much appreciated and will go to helping make this the 'best' Christmas Fair - EVER! You should have had a mini-poster (created by Year 5 - well done to them for their excellent design) letting you know about the new time 1:30pm and the exciting new stalls that will be on offer. I hope to see as many of you as possible on Friday 1st December at, remember the new time - 1:30pm. 

I need to apologise to my class on Monday, let me give you a brief explanation. During Maths I showed them an example of​ a decimal multiplication sum on the board and at the time I was feeling as we say 'a little under the weather'. Suffice to say, I couldn't see the board out of my left eye at one point and therefore didn't see the decimal point. I could go on with the story, however, let's just say I will remedy it on Monday morning and apologis​e to the 'best' Year 6 class in 'our' world

Bye for now,

Cheers - as always,

Mr. Mc x​​​

​​Sunday 19th November 2017

Is it really Sunday morning - already!!!!!!

Time is a phobia of mine, always has been and I'm beginning to believe - always will be. 

However I look at Year 6 I am constantly being reminded how much 'pressure' is put upon 10 and 11 year old children.​ I, for my part, have the job of applying said 'pressure'. in such a short space of time. I know 11 months seems like an eternity to some children, let me tell you - it isn't!

Sometimes the pressure of NCT's (SATs), writing assessment, high school awareness and readiness and all the other associated Year 6 responsibilities seem too much even for me and I have to stop and take stock of how the class are adapting and coping in this 'newish' environment of heightened academic work.  Well, what I can say is that once again the children in Year 6, yes, your children are rising to the challenges set before them. This in turn reinvigorates me to try and keep inspiring them to make progress and achieve their aims. How much longer this 'brain' can fight​ time , I'm not sure, but, rest assured whilst I am the Year 6 Teacher at St. Martin's - I will give my all and time, yes that terrible phobia of mine, will have to wait!

Bye for now,

Cheers - as always,

Mr. Mc x​​

​​Sunday 12th November 2017

Half way through November (well nearly) already. It was a good first week for our two new family members (affectionately known by the children as Miss B and Miss K), however, they have quickly realised how much effort, application and work the children put into Year 6 and that progress is made steadily rather than in short, sharp moments. To use an old cliché - Year 6 is a marathon and not a sprint. Sometimes the children will not hit the required level of work, this is par for the course in Year 6, it is a rollercoaster of emotions. However, we build our knowledge base and 'family' ethos over 11 months and we understand that we all need help and guidance at some point in that time - me included, in fact - me so much more than the children!

​This time of year brings extra curricular activities to the fore, what with Christmas looming on the horizon. All I can say is that, as a class, we are looking forward to​ the Christmas Fair and the Advent Service. Year 6 have been given the honour of singing for their part and if the rehearsals are anything to go by then the school is in for a Christmas treat.

Bye for now,

Cheers - as always,

Mr. Mc x​

Tuesday 7th November 2017

​What's up - Mr. Mc doing an update on a Tuesday?

HOT NEWS, well sort of, it​ actually happened yesterday!

We have 2 new arrivals with us in class from Monday 6th:

Miss Gemma Bostock


Miss Emma Karalius

Both are in their second year of Teacher Training. The class have made them feel very welcome (as I knew they would) and they have become part of our 'family', if only for a short while - they leave on the 15th December. 

Here's to a brilliant partnership - welcome.

Mr. Mc x

Sunday 5th November 2017​

​Another week has flown by, I just remember coming back to school last Monday and seeing all the happy smiling faces, well mine was, oh and so were the Year 6 children - honest!

Another busy week lies ahead of us and includes a trip to the cinema on Wednesday morning to see Beauty and the Beast (that's me and Mr. Hallman - I'll let you decide who is the beast!). The children should have read and answered questions on Chapter 2 of Jane Yolen's book - The Devil's Arithmetic this weekend, for their homework - IT IS DUE IN ON TUESDAY 7th NOVEMBER. It is essential that the children read the homework given to them as the Reading National Curriculum Test next May is particularly challenging, even for the most ardent reader. I've often said that reading in Year 6 is not for enjoyment - it is used to learn the skills associated with answering questions based on retrieval, inference and prediction. All skills your children will need in high school and beyond.

Unfortunately my mindset has not altered and I see 60 looming on the horizon. ​However, I can hope that the next 9 months will turn around my world as it has done in the past.​

Bye for now,

Cheers - as always,

Mr. Mc x

Sunday 29th October 2017

Hello, I hope everyone has had a wonderful break and more importantly is suitably refreshed and ready to go in what will be another 'hectic' half-term in Year 6.

The last half-term finished on a high with a visit from Chester Zoo to the school. Year 6 were very lucky as they visited us twice in one day. Unfortunately​ for me I left on the Friday feeling this would be my final year at St. Martins. I know I say this every year (it is my defense mechanism - it gets me through, thinking one more set of children to cry over!!!!!!) however, this time I think it might be the one - 60 next year!

Let's look forward to a busy,​ yet, rewarding Christmas period and face the challenges ahead - together.

Bye for now,

Cheers, as always,

Mr. Mc x


Sunday 15th October 2017

'I am not worthless.​'

​This is a line from a piece of work done on Tuesday 10th October (by Chloe Hammond) whilst I was at the Holocaust Memorial Conference in Manchester. It says so much more than just 4 words. Even though I was not there, in class, Chloe and the other children (there were many more examples) had incorporated the learning we have done surrounding the Holocaust into a piece of work that had nothing to do with the subject. To say I was pleased is an understatement, although not suprised. Year 6 are beginning to show that they are coming to terms with the level of work expected of them in this, their final year. With just one week to go until a hard earned break, they have learnt so much more than numbers and words - they are realising that they have a voice and more so realising how to use it. Be it speaking and listening, reading or maths they are showing time and time again an increasing maturity. 

Thank you to all the parents who have sent in sponsor money, if there are any more monies due please send them in. Also RobinW​ood deposits are coming in daily - which is fantastic​. 

Finally thank you to Chloe's mum, with out her helping us on a Thursday afternoon for swimming - we would be 'up the river without a paddle' as they say, in other words stuck! Let's have a great last week before half-term and understand that after half-term the expectancy upon us in Year 6 increases, what with Christmas festivities, Mini Vinnies assembly and, oh yes I forgot - the work we do in class becomes more challenging as we build upon the work done in this half-term.

However, as we say in Year 6 -'We wouldn't have it any other way - would we?'

Bye for now,


Mr. Mc x


Sunday 8th October 2017

Not a very long one today - I'm not very well. ​I've uploaded the PowerPoint show from the recent Year 6 Parent's meeting. If you were not able to attend this will explain all that was discussed on the evening.

Year 6 parents 28-09-2017.ppt

​​I'm hoping to be well enough to attend a very important course on Tuesday, in Manchester. It is the first of my meetings aimed towards me getting the Holocaust Trust to arrange another visitor to the class. 

Last year the visit by Lady Milena Grenfell-Baines was a resounding success​ on all levels.

I'm going to sign of there now and get to bed.

Bye for now,


Mr. Mc x

​​Sunday 1st October 2017

I would like to start by saying thank you to all the parents who attended the Year 6 meeting on Thursday night - thanks for your support.

Can you believe it - 1 month gone already and we are in October; these next months are difficult for Year 6 as we learn the basics over and over. These basics in Maths and English enable me to challenge the children into making progress in Year 6. Each week that passes by builds another part of their education, be it in P.E. or swimming or in our clarinet lessons and not forgetting Mini Vinnies where the children are learning about what it means to be a Christian​; towards those who might not have as much as we do - a very important part of their Year 6 'experience'. 

I must just add how quickly the children have settled into all the 'new' responsibilities they have to adapt to. Not only have they shown great maturity in their ever expanding knowledge on the academic side, but, also in the spiritual and moral side as well. I have said it before and I will say it again, it is an honour to be the Year 6 Teacher at St. Martins and to teach your children. How much longer that will last - God only knows - and he hasn't told me yet!

Bye for now,

Mr. Mc x


Sunday 24th September 2017

Another Sunday morning and time to reflect on another excellent week in Year 6. So much happens in Year 6 that sometimes, just sometimes, I forget to realise how much the children have to adapt and change - not only to their level of independent learning (paramount in Year 6) but also to their increasing maturity in other aspects of being 'Top of the School'. Each day brings fresh challenges to the children and moves them one day closer to the end - and that day when they move on to High School. It is odd to be talking about High School as we have just started Year 6​, however you will all of had notification about on-line registration for your child's High School place for September 2018. This has to be completed by the end of October 2017.

I am looking forward to meeting as many parents as possible on Thursday 28th September at 5:00pm in the Year 6 classroom (follow the corridor until you can't go any further). I will give you as much information as I can about what your children can expect in the rest of their 'final' year. Don't worry if you can't make it, my door is always open and if you speak to the office or indeed ask your child to speak to me we will be able to sort something out.

I must just add a huge thank you to Bradly's mum who helped us with swimming on Thursday and to Chloe's mum who has offered to help next Thursday. Because we are Year 6 we do not get out of the baths until 3:15pm, which as you know is home time. Year 6 children have options from the baths, however without the help of the aforementioned mums, we would find it very difficult to go. So from all of Year 6 including a very grateful Mr. Mc - THANKS!

Bye for now.

Mr. Mc x



Sunday 17th September 2017

Two weeks gone already​ and the days are closing in; soon it will be dark of a morning and dark of an evening - coming to and leaving school. This period of Year 6 is extremely challenging as we learn new concepts and strategies for the following year, especially - May. Time really does seem to 'fly by' in Year 6, so it is of the utmost importance to take part and enter into all that it has to offer. Yes, the work is challenging but NOT impossible! Year 6 are responsible for many other events in St. Martins that are part of being 'Top of the school'. Assemblies throughout the year: Holocaust Memorial Day, Stations of the Cross, Martin Luther King Jnr. Day, Mini Vinnies​, and finally their 'Leaver's Show' next July. 

We also provide the school with House Captains, School Councilors (both Infants and Juniors), Sports Ambassadors, Safety Officers and of course we look after the hall for all weekly assemblies. All of these are extra responsibility placed upon the shoulders of Year 6 children and week in week out they learn and adapt to these added challenges. I try as best as possible to guide them and It always makes me very proud to be the Year 6 Teacher - at what I consider (in my humble opinion)​ to be the best Year 6 class in the best school in 'OUR' world.

Bias knows no boundary, but if you believe it as I do - is it bias?


Bye for now,

Mr. Mc x


Sunday 10th September 2017

​WOW! what a week. I know one whole week gone already. Time in year 6 seems to take on a new perception - it goes by very quickly almost in a blur, sometimes. We all know it can't but that doesn't stop the feeling of it being the last year at St. Martins for the children. And what a year it is going to be. Most weeks in Year 6 something different happens and this year will be no exception. I try to update the site every Sunday with news and our Stars - it is very important for the children to believe in their class and the whole ethos of St. Martins.  

My door is always open to parents who want to just 'chew the fat' and see how their child is getting on - as it is always open to Year 7, 8, 9 10 and 11 children (who have been in my Year 6 class) to visit and tell us about life in high school or indeed just ask for help - we all need help at some time.

On a final note, we said goodbye to Alexis this week. We held a school mass for Charlie on Wednesday which was a beautiful way of saying goodbye to her. We wish Alexis and her Mum and Dad all the blessings for the future, especially Alexis in her new school. She may have left​ our class, but, she will always be part of St. Martins and more so YEAR 6 2017-18.

God Bless, Charlie, Alexis, Mark and Kim - I am going to miss you and from the bottom of my heart - Peace and Love.


Bye for now,

Mr. Mc X

Tuesday 8th August 2017

I'm not sure if anybody is going to read this, as it is summer holiday time - anyway I need to write it so here goes.

​Just got back from my holidays and have had little time to reflect on last year, none of it seems to matter after the news I got on holiday about Charlie Rimmer. Charlie was a remarkable girl, not only when I taught her, but also every time she came back to see me (which was often). I know she moved on to OBA, however she is still in my head and heart and I will miss her, God Bless you Charlie and your family. 

With regards to Year 6, they were magnificent during the whole year, but especially the final week - attitude and performances of the highest order.

I must say a HUGE thank you for all the (thoughtful) gifts I received on the last day, they always make me feel so lost as it means the children will be moving on.

I hope Year 5 soon to be Year 6 are having a wonderful break, they will need it, as Year 6 is a very demanding environment and believe it or not I am a very demanding part of Year 6.

Lastly, I tried, I really did, not to get emotional during the Year 6 Leaver's show - as anyone who attended saw I failed miserably, for this I make no apologies. Year 6 is a special place in St. Martins and it takes a lot out of the children and me as well.

See you on September 4th, ready for another rollercoaster ride - strap in - not long now!

As always, my door will always be open for Year 6 children wishing to visit their 'old' class or if they need help in any​way. Once again my heart and prayers go out to Charlie and her family.

Bye for now, an extremely saddened,

Mr. Mc


Sunday 16th July 2017

Sitting here this morning trying to find the words - not easy, I can assure you. Only 5 school days left until Year 6 leave on their journey to high school. It is always difficult at this time of year with the children apprehensive about 'new' adventures, however, I know they are ready to take the first step. In fact we have looked at the famous quote by Lao Tzu - 'The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.' This (metaphorical) journey is one which they have to now take, the main problem is that they will handle it better than me and move on to pastures new. I on the other hand feel empty, almost as if I am losing a family, which in some ways I am. I always struggle with the Leaver's Show and I suppose this year will be no different - believe me I try every year to 'focus' and deliver my words; they always fail me, but, rest assured they are in my head and my heart forevermore.
​As always. thanks.

Mr. Mc


Saturday 8th July 2017

​Hello, I'm writing this morning with a heavy heart and a tinge of sadness in my words. This week the school received our SATs results. The Year 6 children did their utmost to achieve their full potential. As the figures came in and were then compared to Halton and National figures; St. Martin's came out higher in all ranges (Reading, Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling, Maths and combined Reading, Writing and Maths​) however, the Reading test this year has had its Achieved Standard raised by 5 marks and this affected our children in their results. The children who didn't quite achieve their result in Reading will be devastated, as am I. But, on reflection and after much thought I can only say that EVERY SINGLE CHILD IN YEAR 6 DID THEIR BEST in that week in May. And much as it saddened me to be the one to hand them their results it is NOT the full picture, they still have their reports to read and see (through my comments) what they are made of and how much they have contributed to the ethos of Year 6 and St. Martin's. I often tell my class that 'I love them', we are a family and when families hurt they stick together. And as I write this I have never loved them more!

​Mr. Mc ​

Saturday 1st July 2017

July already - how time flies when you are having fun! Not long left now in Year 6. Some of the children will only have 13 school days left, when they return from their high schools on Wednesday. Scary - I know! Still lots of stuff to do.

On Monday and Tuesday I look forward to meeting all the children's parents. By now you should of had your appointment letter - if not - ask your child, they have had it. On Friday of this week we have a fund-raising morning for the children. All monies generated will go towards subsidising​ the Year 6 trip to Harry Potter World on Tuesday 11th July (again letters have gone out and thank you for the payments we have already received), it is a wonderful trip and I know this Year 6 class will love it as much as last years did.

On a more academic note; on Tuesday we receive the National Curriculum Test (SATs) results, these are not the 'be all and end all' of your child's education; they are a snapshot a memory test of their learning in St. Martin's. Everyone of the class did you proud during that week in May (seems like a long time ago - now) as they have done all year. Year 6 is like a family and families have ups and downs, peaks and troughs, these results will be no different and unfortunately some children might be disappointed with their​ results, they shouldn't be they gave their all, and to be honest what can anyone do more than give THEIR ALL!​

Bye for now, see you either Monday or Tuesday.


Mr Mc x​​​


Sunday 25th June 2017

As we enter the last 20 (school) ​days of Year 6 we still have a lot left to do - see the list from a couple of weeks ago.​ This week the class will start to think about their fundraising morning and even more importantly - their End of Year Show (Friday 21st July @ 10:00am). Producers and directors to be chosen (I'm glad it is NOT me; they are both high-pressure posts) and there are lots of children willing to take on the mantle.

Not a long one, however as things change I will keep you informed!


Bye for now,


Mr Mc x​​​


Sunday 18th June 2017

Hello not a very long one this week - hurrah I hear most people cry! Only I'm just getting ready to be the BBQ King for my son's 18th Birthday party (he's actually 18 tomorrow, but he has an A level test to take!!!!!!). 

Friday night was a 'huge' success; the children who played football on the field with me were terrific, it was great to see Year 5 and 6 mixing together to form their teams - girls and boys. The children who will be in Year 6 next year are certainly shaping up to be the 'Best Year 6 in the World!'. I know I said that about this year, but let me let you into a little secret, every St. Martin's class is the 'Best in the world' because that is what I believe and if I​ believe it so will the children.

I can see the BBQ beginning to light - off to cook!


Bye for now,


Mr Mc x​​


Sunday 11th June 2017

What a week (4 days really - but that doesn't sound as good!) we have had. Coming back on Tuesday the realisation that this was the final half-term for the children - HIT HARD! Only 30 school days left from Monday and still so much to do. Anyway back to the week just gone; ​Wednesday saw our (long awaited) special visitor visit us - Lady Milena Grenfell-Baines. Lady Milena was a survivor of the Kindertransport in 1939 Czechoslovakia. It was a truly uplifting experience for the children - meeting with, listening and talking to Lady Milena. This was actual 'first-hand' historical evidence, not from a book or video, an actual first-hand account of a time in history that should never be forgotten. I could wax lyrical about the morning, however I won't - suffice to say Year 6 were an absolute credit to their parents and school. We took some photographs which are available if you send in a pen drive - Jack Highton and Brandon Earwaker already have them as they brought in one the next day. There were lots of other moments in the 4 days, although I think you will a​gree this will be a memory the children will keep, I hope, forever.


Bye for now,


Mr Mc x​


Tuesday 30th May 2017

Just a short piece (thank God - I hear you cry) after last week and the 'War and Peace' length of writing.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful rest during this break. We return on Tuesday 6th June, we will have only 34 actual school days left until the end of the children's St. Martin's life - scary I know. If you think they enter at Year 1 with about 1330 school days ahead of them - 34 seems quite a small amount, however, we have lots to do and not a lot of time to do them in!

Here's to next Tuesday morning (6th June) when the children return - fresh and recharged - ready for the (pardon the pun) 'Final Countdown' (cue music!).

Bye for now,


Mr Mc x

P.S. Well done to the Fusball (Year 5 and 6 teams) who came second in the competition.

Saturday 20th May 2017

One week to go until half-term break - and a well deserved break it will be for the children. Almost as if it had never been here - SATs - came and went and now we look forward to finishing our year with a flourish of events:

Sports Day,

Fusball Tournament,

Boy's Cricket tournament (well done to Year 5 and 6 girls who finished 2nd in their recent tournament),

Year 6 fundraising,

Year 6 end of year trip - more to follow!

Holocaust Survivor Art Day,

Holocaust Survivor Day,

Brass Band show in Widnes​ (again - more details to follow, as I get them),

Children to visit their High School for induction,

End of Year 6 Mass,

End of Year 6 show on Friday 21st July at 10:00am.

As you can see the final half-term of their Primary School journey is very busy. Oh! I forgot we still have lots of writing to do to pass our National Standards in English, if the SATs were not enough we have to prove we can write with imagination and technical ability. Have no fear - WE CAN!

I will update trip details etc. as soon as I have concrete information.

I must end with a big THANK YOU to all the children who showed what St. Martin's is all about; over the last 2 weeks they have been an inspiration to me, never letting the pressure of SATs get to them and doing their best in the hall to show what they are made of. We prayed every day before the tests and included Jack and Tom Oakley in our thoughts. Jack returned and completed his tests, and again before each test we prayed for guidance and deliverance including Tom in our thoughts. 

Every year I think it will be my last year teaching at St. Martin's, but, somehow the children inspire me to try again -​ with the next class. Once again I find myself in the position of thinking this is the end, waiting for the SATs results in July is torture - I know how good these children are in their academic subjects - the SATs results show how they fared in a 'snapshot' moment (4-5 hours over the 180 odd days I work with them), however, the SATs results are not the be all and end all of school - how they have grown spiritually, morally and academically takes time and they have shown that getting up out of bed is worth every last moment to me - thank you - Year 6.


Mr Mc x​


Saturday 13th May 2017

Well that's that - SATs have come and gone, as they always do. After months of 'pressure' the cap was finally released off our 'Coke' bottle, again the children will understand the metaphor. I don't have a lot to say - other than how magnificent the children were throughout the whole week. As each day began we started with a class prayer and included Jack Whitehead and Tom Oakley who were not present with us. We have a saying in Year 6 about Clarence's God, who during our time together has helped and guided us along the way; thank you for believing in us as we believe in St. Martin's.

I will give a more forward looking update (about what lies ahead) in my next piece.

But for now, as always, 


Mr Mc x


Sunday 7th May 2017

​Not a lot to say really, other than I hope the children have had a relaxing weekend. SATs week, as it is known, is a high-pressure time for all involved. However, it should be seen and always will be at St. Martin's as a time for the children to show what they are capable of - whether that is to achieve National Standard in their tests or not. Some children this year have made monumental progress in their academic and social standings. If they do not achieve National Standard so be it - it won't be for the lack of effort on their part. I always feel that I could of done more to help them on the way, however in reality  -I couldn't. They will do the best they possibly can - and in the end that is all that matters. As ever I believe (as every Year 6 Teacher should)​ that I teach the best Year 6 class in the world and low and behold - I DO!

Here's to great week and to the children - ​ whatever the outcome.

As always, cheers,

Mr Mc x 


Sunday 23rd April 2017

Well that went fast! I know it was only 4 days in school but, boy did they fly by.

As ever lots of hard work and commitment from all of Year 6 at a very trying time. S​pirits are high and everyone is pushing themselves to do their best - which is all anyone can ask.

I think I messed up on the printing of the extra lesson letters, please accept my humble apologies - they are as follows:

Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th April from 3:20 until 4:45pm in the Year 6 classroom. Refreshments and a snack will be provided.

These lessons are not compulsory and I offer them only as a service to the children who ask me for them. They help with the finer points of the upcoming SATs and help to control the 'nerve' element. As I have said before, many times - they DO NOT guarantee that your child will pass the SATs, however, they will give them a better chance at tackling the more 'in-depth' questions that the tests will ask.

I have been amazed at the turnout and hope to see another 'good' attendance tomorrow evening.

As always, thanks for your continued support,


Mr. Mc x


Thursday 13th April 2017

Strange sitting here writing this on a cold and wet morning in Warrington, isn't Warrington always wet? Nearly two weeks have gone by since the end of Spring Term and am I missing the children? Although I'm quite sure their NOT missing me - task-master, slave driver, hard work giver, are these new PS4​ games or just thoughts going around Year 6 heads at the moment ?

Well, we are back on Tuesday 18th and hopefully everybody has had a great Easter break and is rejuvenated and ready to go into the last term of their primary school life! 

Not a lot going on over the next few months!!!

Oh! I forgot:

1. SATs - week beginning 8th May,

2. Writing assessment until the end of June,

3. Fundraising for the Year 6 trip (more details to follow - nearer the time),

4. Preparations for our end of the year show - title to be decided - again after the week in May,

 5.Transition to high schools (yes - they are leaving soon, sad I know, It's hard for me as well at this time of year).

On top of all this there will be other events cropping up without much prior warning, well that's life in Year 6 - be adaptable - it helps!


Bye for now,


Mr. Mc​ x​​


Sunday 26th March 2017

Here I am again (on a Sunday) thinking about the week just gone by, it seemed to go quicker than the one before! At the moment Year 6 are working extremely hard in their SATs preparations, in fact on average 24 children are staying behind on a Monday and Tuesday nights for extra lessons - which shows magnificent attitude and determination to do the best they can in the remaining months; before they leave for high school.

Another busy week ahead before we enter the 2 week Easter break. Extra lessons again on Monday and Tuesday​ night and our Stations of the Cross Assembly on Thursday before a performance by the truly wonderful - 'Key Strings' on Friday morning.

Remember - Book Fair is on until Wednesday night and reading is paramount not only in primary school but will be an essential part of their high school life as well.



Mr. Mc​ x​​


Sunday 19th March 2017

​​Another week has flown by (figurative language - your children will understand!) and yet again it was a very busy one. Extra lessons started and were very well attended - 23 children on the Monday night for Math and 25 on the Wednesday for English Reading. A big thank you from me to all those children who attended; as I have said to them many times

"Attendance will not guarantee that they pass their SATs (in May) but it can't do them any harm; in fact it can only help with confidence and a deeper understanding of the more rigorous elements of the tests."

The coming week is just as busy - we have Bike Ability on Monday and Tuesday​ and the 16 children who are taking part have all received a reminder to bring the bicycles in on Monday. The extra SATs lessons on Monday and Tuesday (this week) are not affected by this and will take place between 3:20 and 4:30. 

I can not tell you how proud I am to be associated with your children - they may be tired, confused by the work sometimes (It's hard - you know!) and unwell at certain times, however they are a pleasure to teach and be around. I can assure you the children and I will do everything within our power to make the final 4 months of their time at St. Martin's a resounding success. And let me just​ add, that if we don't it will not be for the lack of effort and dedication from us all.



Mr. Mc​ x​


Sunday 12th March 2017

Is it really March - already? I still remember Monday 5th September 2016 when the children first entered Year 6 - that seems to have gone by extremely fast, wouldn't you agree?

So much has gone on lately: ​Dream show at the Brindley,  Swimming Gala - well done to those Year 5 and 6 children who entered and finished a credible - 6th, Year 6's Holocaust Memorial Assembly and of course the residential trip to Edinburgh. 

However, we now have to concentrate on the upcoming SATs in May. I must add how honoured I am to have received 29 reply slips to attend the extra lessons I am running in the build up to SATs. That is the entire class wanting to learn and challenge themselves. You should all be very proud (as am I) at their commitment and willingness to learn.

Here's to the last 3 to 4 months of Year 6 life. Let's make it as​ memorable as the first 6 months. Can I just add that tiredness will start to creep in to our everyday life (with the extra responsibilities we have in Year 6), so please bear this in mind in situations that will arise over the next month or so. I know I get very tired so it must be even harder for the 'greatest' Year 6 class in the world! (Figurative writing - your child will understand).



Mr. Mc​ x​


Sunday 29th January 2017

How fast time seems to go! It only seemed like yesterday that we were preparing for the Christmas Show and here we are getting ready for our Holocaust​ Memorial Assembly to mark the anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz in 1945. We will soon be at the end of this first half-term and looking forward to our residential trip to Edinburgh (information to follow in a letter about arrangements). The children are working hard and making good progress towards their SATs in May. 

I must end on a musical note - our band rehearsals on a Thursday morning (29 children playing all sorts of brass and woodwind instruments) in the classroom are moving at great speed. The children are showing good musical understanding to play the complex compositions being presented to them on a weekly basis - next stop Carnegie Hall!


Mr. Mc​ x


​Thursday 19th January 2017

It's hard to believe that nearly 3 weeks has passed in the new term. Year 6 are busy working away - learning new ideas and concepts and more importantly how to be independent in their approach to work. I am always taken aback by how they rise to the challenges I put before them. The next 4 months is a very intense time in Year 6, an enjoyable time - none the less. However - ​hard work, application and belief will carry them through and bring them closer to end of their primary school life.

Next week we shall be learning about the 'Holocaust' leading up to Holocaust Memorial Day on Friday 27th January 2017. More news about this to follow!


Mr. Mc​ x


Sunday 1st January 2017

I know - writing this on New Years Day!!!!

Really looking forward to Thursday 5th - I have missed the class and I hope they have some wonderful Christmas and New Year stories to tell! 

We will then have a couple of days revision before our week of assessments - beginning Monday 9th January with a Reading comprehension followed by a GPaS on Tuesday 10th; these will then be followed up with 2 days of Math assessments on Wednesday and Thursday (11th and 12th).

These assessments will allow me to understand where the class is at present with regard their upcoming SATs in May. It will show me the areas we need to focus on and more importantly the areas we are secure in.

I hope every one has had a wonderful Christmas and wanted to say a huge thanks for the 'many' gifts I received on the final day - from the bottom of my heart - thank you. 



Mr. Mc​ x


Sunday 11th December 2016

Wow, what a week. The entire class proved, yet again how they are maturing in Year 6. 

2 rehearsals and 3 shows of 'Christmas Memories' in one week at the same time as continuing their ​learning towards SATS (in May) and writing mark, towards the end of June. On Friday, as you know, the school was closed for Colin Smith's funeral. A sad time for all involved, as Colin was a friend to us all. I know the children will miss him as will I. 

We have 7 school days left until our Christmas break. During this time we have Mass to look forward to (Wednesday 14th - 9:15 in the Church) and our Altru performance (Tuesday 13th - ​9:30 in the hall) and let's not forget Christmas Dinner on Thursday 15th and last but not least our Christmas Party on Friday afternoon (Special DJ appearance by - ME - ably assisted by our own Brandon).

Such a lot going on,


Mr. Mc​ x


Sunday 4th December 2016

As with the Stars Assembly it feels like a lifetime ago that I wrote on here. Year 6 have been extremely busy, what with Christmas Fayre preparations and rehearsals for the upcoming Nativity show (Wednesday 7th December at 2:00pm and 6:00pm). Tickets for the show were sent out on Friday (2nd December) to each child. 

I must add, on this rather short update, about how Year 6 continue to amaze me. On Friday 2nd they ran and organised the Christmas Fayre, looking after stalls, face painting, Santa's Letters, children from other year groups, handling money and eventually cleaning up the hall.Then in the afternoon they ran through a full rehearsal of 'Christmas Memories'. 

Not one of them complained. although quite a few were tired after their exertions of a long week, oh and yes we did lots of school work as well. As always - thank you Year 6 from your very humble Teacher!



Mr. Mc​ x


Saturday 12th November 2016

What a busy week! It was grea​t to meet so many parents on Wednesday and Thursday. It gave me a chance to let you know how proud you should be of your son/daughter. Year 6 is a special place and the children are certainly living up to the high demands that are set for them. And for that - I thank you all.

Just a quick note about the film we went to see on Friday, Pete's dragon - Wow, I cried my eyes out in the cinema.  It was a truly wonderful film; made all the better for seeing it with Year 6.


Mr. Mc x

Sunday 6th November 2016

Quite a busy week ahead. Look forward to meeting parents on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. Appointment letters will be sent out on Monday 7th November. If you haven't got an appointment; they are nearly full. However,​ I will do my best to see you on  another day.


Mr. Mc x ​


Monday 31st October 2016

Apologies all round for the lack of updates on the website. I was off sick (sinuses and a perforated eardrum) at the tail end of last half-term. In fact I should be with the rest of the staff at St. Chad's on an Inset Day today. However, I am still recovering from said illness, I will though be back in on Tuesday 1st when the children return. 

I really do miss the children when we are off but on this occasion I have been quite unwell, so the rest and recuperation were much appreciated and needed for the upcoming half-term - which will be extremely busy: 

Parent days

Singing and dancing at St. Chad's

Mini Vinnies and Anne Frank assemblies

Christmas fayre

Advent service and Christmas shows

Oh, and also we have to continue with our academic subjects when we can. 


Mr. Mc x ​


​​Sunday 9th October 2016

Another week has come and gone so very quickly. Each day (in Year 6) is filled with lots of new skills to learn and also lots of laughter. The class is just beginning to realise​ how good they 'could' be with just a little self-belief. They are starting to blend together, yet each has their own identity; a must in Year 6. 

I still feel very honoured to be the Year 6 Teacher at St. Martin's and I never take my position lightly, however Year 6 is a challenging year and there is still plenty of hard work ahead; for both children and myself.

I hope to see all the 'sick' children back on Monday morning, especially Alfie who was not well last week, however he gave his all even when he was so ill. A real credit to his Mum, sister and class mates - WELL DONE ALFIE! Let me end by saying that we have had a terrible 'bug' patrolling the school and attacking everything in sight - time to get rid and get on!


Mr. Mc x 


Sunday 25th September 2016

Wow! Three weeks have gone already in Year 6 and I must add the new class are living up to their responsibilities as 'Top of the School'. Friday was a prime example:

Mass with Bishop Mark in the morning. The class read and behaved impeccably followed by a morning of high order English editing work (an essential skill in Year 6 writing). Then later that day, well the night really, to show how good they were at dancing and singing. It was a pleasure to be a D.J. (well sort of!!!)for the night, ably assisted by my NEW musical director (see Stars of the Week column).  The week ahead is also very busy as all the weeks in Year 6 seem to be. Which is why we try to enjoy them as much as possible - this year is full of challenges; spiritually, morally and academically.

As always I will do my utmost to ensure your children enjoy their 'final' year at St. Martin's.


Mr.​ Mc x

September 2016

Hello and welcome. It only seems like yesterday that I was saying goodbye (through muffled tears - I might add) to the wonderful children of Year 6. I always find the end of a school year very difficult - not only did Year 6 leave but a lady who I considered a mentor also left; Mrs.​ Walton.

But the past  becomes the present and I have now been with the NEW Year 6 children for our first week together. I can see the makings of another terrific class, full of nervous energy and wonderment at what this year will bring them. I will give, to this class as much as last years and if they enter into the spirit of our adventure I'm sure they will just as successful as last year.

I try to write a new message every Sunday morning. In here you will find information about Year 6 and what to expect in the coming months.

My door is always open unless school duties call (just check at the office - first).

Bye for now,


Mr Mc


​​Sta​rs​ of the Week​

Friday 26th January 2018

Eventually a Stars Assembly. Our 2 recipients this week were:

Nicole Bennett and Lewis Crane.


​Nicole was a unanimous choice from the class. She has shown since the start of the year, after getting back from Robinwood, a new found inner belief. She is now showing good progress in her work and believes that she is capable of doing it, not as in the past shying away from questions, she now actively engages in lessons and produces the work to back it up.


Lewis, again was a popular choice amongst the class. He was chosen for his level headed approach to all things Year 6. He never gets flustered and knows when the fun must stop and the serious work must start. Lewis has an excellent logical mind and can often be the one who solves the demanding puzzles that Year 6 face, be it in school work or at dinner time when​ the boys become 'tribal' shall we say!

Friday 19th January 2018

Unfortunately no Stars today as Year 6 were holding their Mini Vinnies Commissioning Assembly - Normal service will be returned next week.

​Friday 12th January 2018

At long last (I hear you cry) we have new Stars of the Week:

Mollie Campbell​ and Year 6 (yes - the other 25 children).


Mollie spent 3 days in school without her classmates. She spent them in Year 5 with Mrs. Slonecki and the 'wonderful' Year 5 children who made her very welcome.

Year 6 (on the other hand) again showed why I consider them to be the best Year 6 class, a sentiment echoed by all the leaders and instructors at RobinWood​!

​Sunday 17th December and Sunday 10th December 2017

​Unfortunately no new Stars yet!
The hall is in use nearly every day, at the moment; finding time for an Assembly is proving problematic. As soon as we have one and Stars are chosen - I will update this column as soon as possible.​

Thanks for ​understanding.

​Saturday 2nd December 2017

No Stars on Friday 1st due to Christmas Fair preparations. Not sure when the next assembly will be as Advent and Nativity rehearsals using the hall - daily. Will update as soon as possible, in the mean time, the whole class are STARS and are proving it everyday in everything they do!​

Tuesday 28th November 2017

​As promised and announced by Mrs. Parker in the Monday assembly:

Meadow Mu





Joe Bennett


​​Meadow was chosen for her 'never say never' approach to all things - Year 6. It really is very refreshing to have someone with this application and attitude. She keeps her concentration levels to maximum and delivers when needed or required. Joe on the other hand was chosen for his positive approach and manner.

It is vitally important in Year 6 to keep a strong hold on the things in life that come to us free of charge - manners and personality. Joe has both in excess.

As always well done to all Year 6, everyone of you are Stars!​

Friday 24th November 2017

​No Stars today as the whole of Key Stage 2 were rehearsing for the Advent Service in the hall. Hopefully Stars Assembly will take place on Monday 27th - the chosen children will appear as soon as pos




​For the next 4 to 5 weeks our Stars will be chosen slightly differently. As you know, the Stars are usually chosen by the children - thems



This week they have chosen:

Libby Cahill



Lucas Brown


​Libby was chosen for her continued self-belief. It is vitally important, in Year 6, to believe in yourself. This enables you to face the challenges head on and apply all your effort and concentration to the task at hand. Libby certainly does this, and it will pay dividends come the end of the year; academically, spiritually and morally. Lucas, on the other hand, was chosen because of his input and work in Science, during the opening lesson on Evolution and Inheritance.

Lucas showed true Year 6 speaking and listening skills by opening the debate and contributing to said debate about the difference between: Creationism and Evolution. Not an easy topic at all. 

Well done to both the children and the Students for choosing our worthy Stars. May I just add, I, as always, was impressed by everybody, 

biased - YES, wrong - NO!

Friday 10th November 2017

There could only be one Star of the Week - Mrs. Reese. For the 5 and a half years that I have been the Year 6 Teacher (at St. Martin's) she has been there for Year 6 and especially me. Sometimes it is the simple words that mean so much! 

Thank you, Mrs. Rees​e, the children will miss you and so will I.

​​Tuesday 7th November 2017

A day late - lots of apologies, but, here they are our​ new Stars of the Week:

Megan Smith



Freddie Singleton


​​Both Megan and Freddie were chosen by their classmates for similar reasons. The class felt that both children had made substantial progress in all their Year 6 life. Not only in the standard of their work, but, in their personal and spiritual learning as well. Well done to both, however I must add, and it is very important for me to say that all Year 6 work extremely hard and could be chosen to be a Star of the Week. Biased I may be, however, that does not mean I'm wrong!  

Friday 3rd November 2017

Due to our 40th Anniversary Mass with Father Peter on Friday, Stars has been put back until Monday 5th - Update to follow on Monday night!

​Our last Stars of the half-term:

Libby Cahill 



Connor Fell


​​Two excellent end of half-term choices by the children. Libby for the all round progress that she has made since being in Year 6. Whatever challenge she faces she meets it head on and with a new found steely determination to conquer it - Connor on the other hand was chosen for his ability to inspire the children around him to try and achieve their best, be it academically or morally. Well done to both and (as usual) to all Year 6 who are Stars every single minute of every single day of every single week - well to me they are!


​​Friday 13th October 2017 - unlucky for some, however not these two 'bright' Stars:

Meadow Muscart










Regan Pears




Meadow for her constant belief in her abilities. On a daily basis she gives her all and tries to engage in every 'new' idea or concept that is being taught to her. Often, as in the 'Year 6 - Law 9' writing putting her class before her own wants​ and wishes. This was an integral part of the lesson being taught and for Meadow to grasp the 'theme' so clearly indicates a mind willing to think in context - a very important part of Year 6's learning.

Regan on the other hand ' caught a pen'. Sounds easy. I know; but, by catching the pen he had to come to board and solve a 5 digit plus 6 digit addition sum involving 3 decimal places. He duly came to the board, in front of the whole class and answered the question - correctly, whilst explaining to the class the mathematical process he was using. This was a massive step in Regan's confidence in Year 6, he now just has to build upon it.

As with every other week in Year 6 - they are all 'Stars' to me in my honest opinion - believe it or not, I really do believe this and it is what makes St. Martins so special. I know other Year 6 classes will feel the same and I hope they do, however, we are not in those classes we are in OURS!   


Friday 6th October 2017

​Stars seem to be coming 'thick and fast' at the moment - as it should be!

For your eyes this week we have:

Mollie Campbell 




Finlay Harwood 


Mollie was chosen by her classmates for her increasing confidence in her Maths. She is beginning to grasp and understand the concepts needed to make progress in Year 6 and show that she has the capabilities to listen and learn. 

Finlay was chosen, actually by - me. The class was finding it difficult to pick any individual boy, as they all have had a good week. I chose Finlay because of his calm and collected demeanor. Whatever 'new' concept, however hard, that Finlay is confronted with he just takes it in his stride and gives of his all. As a teacher I can ask ​no more.

Well done to both. And as always - all of Year 6 are Stars, this week these two children shone just a little brighter than the others.

​​Monday 2nd October 2017

​Again, as promised our 2 new Stars:

Libby Cahill 



Sean Eccles


Libby was chosen because of her outstanding effort and score in her first Year 6 assessment. It was based on Place Value and Number and she scored 37 marks out of a possible 40. Libby is making steady progress in Year 6 and this is the first step on the road towards her Achieving National Standard in Maths​, although it is a long road ahead the way I see Libby's confidence growing week by week, it is a road she is more than capable of travelling.

Sean was chosen for his all round input into Year 6. Whenever a question is asked his hand is up straight away. Sometimes the answer is incorrect, however, this does not deter his thirst for knowledge; indeed it only makes him more determined to try again. This is a wonderful attitude to have in Year 6 and it inspires other children to try and answer more 'challenging' questions.

Well done to both and all the rest of Year 6 for another great week in St. Martin's.​ 


Sunday 1st October 2017

Once again no new Stars this week as we had a Mission Together Assembly on Friday. As with last time as soon as we have them I will post them here - possibly Monday 2nd.

Monday 25th September ​2017

As promised - two new Stars:

Chloe Hammond and

Alex Baldwin.



Chloe was chosen for her ability to bounce back from a tough part of a lesson. She composed herself and showed true Year 6 tenacity to continue with her work; then to move places which enabled her to focus on her work.

Alex on the other hand - was chosen as he is our Thursday morning P.E. coordinator. Alex ensures that the class is kitted up and ready to go for 9:10am. Not an easy​ task, however Alex handles it with an increasing maturity - essential in Y​ear 6.

Well done to both and all the other Year 6 children - who in my (un-biased) eyes are all STARS! ​


Friday 22nd September 2017

​No Stars this week due to Bouncy Castle Day. What a tremendous day it was! 

Hopefully in Monday 25th's Assembly we will catch up on Stars and I will update the page as soon as possible.

Friday 15th September 2017

​After another busy week - two new Stars for our page:

Lucy Hall


​and - Bradly Blundell


Lucy was chosen for her ability to persevere and endure. It was clear that (for some reason) Lucy was as we say in Year 6 - 'a little under the weather'. However, this did not stop her in her attending school or participating in the lessons and even becoming our Swimming lead - a very important job in Year 6; well done Lucy. 

Bradly, on the other hand, showed true Year 6 commitment. Every challenge that he faced in some difficult Math questioning he handled with authority and courage. He never gave in and with

a smile on his face showed his level of speaking and listening (essential part of Year 6) was of the highest order. Well done Bradly.

As usual I will finish with my mantra;

all of Year 6 do wonderful, inspiring things throughout the week, unfortunately they all can't be chosen. To me though they are all Stars - biased I know, but, I get the pleasure of being with them daily - and I'm a 'pretty' good judge.

Friday 8th September 2017


​Another year another Year 6, well not quite. Every Year 6 at St. Martins brings something different to the 'playing field' and this year will be no different. Our first Stars are:

Harry Jones and Charlotte Langton (see their profile pics above​). Now as you remember the Stars in Year 6 are chosen by their peers (class mates) so it is an honour​ to be chosen.

Harry was chosen for his 'infectious' commitment to his first week - always ready to answer, even when giving the wrong answer and not letting himself be deterred by ​any obstacle (wall - the children will understand this) in his way - well done Harry.

Charlotte on the other hand was chosen because she has begun to overcome her 'fear' of talking in front of the class. This is something she will have to learn as the year progresses, however, if she continues as she has begun this will be one of her strongest assets.

Well done to all the children in Year 6 - in my eyes they are all Stars.





Friday 14th July 2017

​Again, not a difficult choice this week. 

Year 6 (as a whole class) won both the weekly awards. The first for their sterling efforts and absolutely terrific input into the fundraising morning - they raised £485 in a little over 90 minutes. Well done to them and to everyone who spent their hard earned money with us.


Their second award came from their trip to Harry Potter Studios. Everyone had a great time and although the day w​as long the children behaved impeccably throughout. 

A real testament to how they have matured over this final year. Well done to all the children. Oh! and a HUGE thank you to the staff who made the trip possible -you know who you are - Cheers.   


Friday 7th July 2017

Not a difficult choice this week. On Friday morning Year 6 held their fund raising event; all monies raised would be put towards their Harry Potter trip on Tuesday 11th. Every single one of the Year 6 children were magnificent on their respective stalls.


Special mention goes out to the four boys​:

James, Joe, Sean and Jack W

​who took part in the 'Soak a year 6' event - let me assure you it made a lot of money for our trip.

A massive thank you to all those who helped and contributed saleable items. And as always St. Martin's showed exactly why we are the 'best school in the world'; well to me anyway!​


Friday 30th June 2017

​Two excellent choices this week:

Jessica Wales 


Jack Highton



These are difficult roles to fill and they attract a lot of debate. However the class could not of chosen two more competent children as these two. It is a daunting task but one that is ultimately rewarding, especially on the last day when the hall is full of laughter and emotion. Well done to both.


​Friday 23rd June 2017

Another two 'wonderful' choices this week:

Jessica McNamee 


Owen Mainwaring.

Jess was chosen for her ability to persevere. Jess visited her high school as did a lot of the other children on Tuesday of this week. Whilst there she encountered negative comments from other 

school's​ children. Rather than let herself be distracted from the day she used her 'St. Martin's' spirit and saw the day through. Owen, on the other hand, came into school rather 'under the weather' shall we say. He also showed great determination to stay and complete his short story writing. This was essential - as it went towards his English National Standard Teacher Assessment.

Well done to both.


Friday 16th June 2017

Our Stars this week are:

Holly Barks and Mason McIntyre.

Holly was chosen for her continuing leadership skills during our Mini Vinnie lessons with Sister T. I know Sister regards Holly in the highest esteem. Mason, on the other hand showed grace under pressure. We had an actual fire alarm on Friday morning (it turned out to be a minor alarm) in which he followed procedure to leave as quickly and safely as possible, he also looked after Alfie (and his walker) to get him to safety as well. An all round commendable pair of Stars this week. Oh and yes, I know I say it all the time - I happen to believe it - ALL Year 6 ​are Stars to me - thanks!  


Friday 9th June 2017

Only 4 days this week, however two children who stood out from the rest (who - by the way are 'Stars' in their own right): Jessica Wales and James O'Connor​.

Jess was chosen for the terrific way in which she responds to critical comments about her work. She never lets her head drop - rather she listens and learns. This enables her to edit and rewrite her work to a 'higher' standard. An attribute that will stand her in good stead for high school. James, on the other hand was chosen for his influence with others - particularly his sister (Sarah) in Year 3. It is heart warming to see this link with siblings as it paves the way for their future success at St. Martin's. James, surprisingly helped Sarah with her Maths - I wonder why?


Friday 26th May 2017

Here we are at the end of another half-term and we have our 2 Stars:

Lily May Clarke and Joe Sachare


Lily was chosen for her teaching skills; she taught a Maths lesson to the class whilst I was supervising (with Mr. Hallman) a SATs paper to Jack.  Joe for his improving social adaptability. In 2 situations he handled himself with composure and calmness, whereas in the past he might have reacted differently.

Well done to both and for the rest of the class for choosing them.


Friday 19th May 2017 

​For this week the Stars chose themselves - well not really! Jack Whitehead returned to school on Monday (after his enforced absence due to his bicycle accident) and had to take the SATs on his own throughout the week as the children had done the week before. Not an easy task, however, Jack was 'brilliant' in both attitude and application - a true St. Martin's Year 6 if ever there was one. 

The other Star is another Jack - Jack Highton. Jack became 'teacher' for a while whilst I was administering the other Jack's SATs - confusing I know, all these Jacks! Under the eye of Mrs. Parker, Jack led the class through one of our transition lessons about Bridges; she told me that he had done an admirable job - well done to both Jacks.​


Friday 12th May 2017 ​As with last week there was only 1 candidate for this award - Year 6. I could wax lyrical about the reasons why, but if you were anywhere in and around the school during SATS week you would understand my choice. Enough said - in my head and heart The Best Year 6 Class in the World!

Friday 5th May 2017

​There was only one choice of Star this week: the whole of Year 6. It seems like a lifetime ago that they entered the classroom; 5th September 2016. 

Effort, application and commitment in abundance - what a class!

Friday 21st April 2017

​No Stars assembly today as Year 3 are away in Llandudno​ - hopefully having a great time!

Friday 31st March 2017

Well that's the Spring Term over and done with, and as usual (for our Stars) the class voted on their Stars of the Term. Each member of the class (me included) got one vote. The children chose the following, for the girls: Julieann Doyle. And for the boys (although it was a very close contest, with Brandon Earwaker narrowly missing out) 

Mason McIntyre

Both very worthy winners of the accolade​, although I think each and every one of them are Stars, but, hey I'm biased. No - you're not , you're just telling the truth!

Friday 24th March 2017

No Stars assembly today - instead we held a Red Nose Day parade in the hall. Each class took it in turns to parade around the hall whilst the other classes looked on. Then 2 children from each class was chosen for their costumes.

In Year 6 - Julieann Doyle and Joe Sacharewicz were chosen for being The Cat in the Hat and Carl from Up.

Well done to these 2 children but also to everyone who took​ part and donated generously.

Friday 17th March 2017

The children found it very difficult to choose this week - however, choose they did:​

Robyn Turner and Julieann Doyle were the chosen ones - sounds very Biblical! 

Robyn was chosen for her attitude towards learning. She fell and hurt her arm on Wednesday and had to go to the hospital for a check up. She later returned to school with an arm brace on to attend the extra SATs lesson. This meant that she was working in school until 4:30. 

A marvelous show of determination - well done Robyn. 

On the other hand, Julieann has shown a marked increase in her own self-belief and abilities. These are especially evident in her Math work.  

She no longer 'fears' Math - rather she embraces it and continues to make good progress towards National Standard. As before​, well done Julieann. 


Friday 10th March 2017

Well it feels like such a long time since we had one of these!

This week the Stars were the entire class of children who went to Edinburgh (I believe the children who didn't go received them - last week). The class received them for their efforts and behaviour whilst on our residential trip - it was made more memorable by their actions. 

Friday 27th January 2017

two excellent choices by the children - this week:

Lily May Clarke and Callum Smith.

Lily was chosen after a lesson on the Holocaust. During the lesson, Lily, stood up for what she believed in, even though her friends didn't. She thought that they would support her views in a class experiment - they had other ideas!

Callum was chosen as he inspired the class to do an acrostic word bank about the Holocaust from extra work he had done at home.

Well done to both Stars of the Week.​

Thursday 19th January 2017

Hopefully we will have 2 new stars for our page - after tomorrow. Last week, James O'Connor and Callum​ Lunt were chosen for their approach to an assessment without their prior knowledge. Both arrived at school on the Monday morning to be met with a practise​ Reading assessment.

Both boys showed great maturity in handling the 'new' pressure that Year 6 brings - well done!


16th December 2016

We had our final assembly of the year -  today. It was time for the children to vote for their Star of the Winter Term. Each child in the class (as well as Miss Rowe and I) voted to pick the 2 children who had made the transition to Year 6 as smooth as possible.

They voted for, drum roll - please!

Robyn Turner and Mason McIntyre​.

Both children deserve a massive 'pat on the back' for adapting to Year 6 life; however, I must add - I feel slightly​ indifferent to voting. All the children in Year 6​ are Stars to me, that being said - democracy rules! 


​Sunday 11th December 2016

Finally - a Stars Assembly!

It was an easy choice this week; mainly because I chose the whole class. It is not very often that I vote for this, as it is a class vote, however, after last Friday and the Christmas Fayre​ it was nigh on impossible to single out any individual child - they were all magnificent!  


Sunday 4th December 2016

​Seems like such a long time ago that we had a Stars Assembly. Hopefully, we will over the next week or so - so many things going on at the moment!

Friday 11th November - 

NO update this week as we all went to the cinema to see Pete's Dragon.

Friday 4th November 2016

The following 2 children were chosen this week:

Leanne Shearer and Joe Sacharewicz.

Leanne - who during a Math lesson put her hand up to say she didn't understand the concept being taught. This was extremely impressive as there were quite a few other children who just said they understood - but didn't!

Joe was chosen for his​ approach and attitude to all things Year 6, not just inside the classroom but on the playground as well.

Well done to both.


The following 4 children all won Stars... either just before I was sick or on the Friday:

Holly Barks for her dedication to her Safety Officer role.

Jack Highton for taking a Mini Vinnies lesson all on his own, including the planning, when Sister T was off.

Mason McIntyre for his extra curricular work on Anne Frank.

Jess McNamee for her wonderful input and spirit into everything we do in Year 6.

Well done to them all!



Julieann Doyle and Harry Moran. ​


​​​Julieann was chosen for her infectious attitude towards her work and Year 6 life in general. Harry on the other hand was chosen for his increasing belief in his own abilities and is beginning to 'grow' into his Year 6 role at a pace, well done to both​.

Actually only one Star this week. As you know we held our 40th Anniversary Mass with Bishop Mark on Friday morning - therefore, there wasn't a Stars of the Week Assembly.

However, I have chosen one for his invaluable help on Friday night at the 70's Disco!

Brandon Earwaker.


We have our next Stars of the Week.

In Year 6 I ask the children to nominate and vote for the children who they feel have shone during the previous week. I, like the children,​ get 1 vote.

This week the class chose:

Jack Whitehead and Robyn Turner.


Robyn was chosen by her classmates because of her new found self belief and increased confidence that shines throughout her work and input into class. Jack was chosen for his enthusiasm and input into our Anne Frank block of work. He really has entered into the higher level of work at a pace.

Well done, although I​ must add the whole class has risen to the challenge!​


The children's focus this half-term is to begin to put into practise the level of work required in Year 6. We will continue looking at our book - The Devil's Arithmetic by Jane Yol​en as well as covering the basics; grammar, punctuation and spelling. On top of this we will work on 'inference' in our reading lessons. This is a difficult area to master, however it is essential to understand it. 

This half-term our focus will be on different areas of Mathematics, whilst still covering arithmetic - namely: fractions, then moving into reasoning problems and all that is associated with adding words to maths; believe me the 'simplest' of calculations seems so much more complex when words are added.