Yr 4 Residential Trip


Wednesday 24th May to Friday 26th May 2017

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Year 4 are becoming increasingly excited about their residential trip to Ironbridge on 24th May for two nights. We've put in our request for fine weather!

They will be extremely busy during their visit, taking in many sights and new experiences. They are looking forward especially to visiting Blists Hill, a real Victorian town, where they can spend real Victorian money. They are also looking forward to seeing the famous Iron Bridge built in 1779. Importantaly too, we've put our food orders in.

​This year your children will be taught by:

Mrs Isherwood – Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Mrs Clarke – Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Mrs Grindrod is based in class all week offering

additional support to small groups and individuals.



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BBC History

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Time Tables

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We have started  homework, each week there is a reading journal activity plus either a Literacy or Maths activity to be completed.

Green homework book will be sent home on a Friday and should be back in school the following Wednesday.
Brown reading journal will be sent home on a Wednesday and should be back in school the following Monday.
Please ensure that you sign your child's books before they are returned to school.

Year 4 Teachers

Mrs Isherwood

 Mrs Clarke

 Mrs Grindrod


To encourage the learning of times tables, the children are taking part in a challenge each week. They are given a table to learn 'off by heart' and are then challenged by pupils in Year 6 to recite it. They receive stickers and rewards for their achievements. Please help your child to learn the tables as it is a very important part of their Math's development. Chanting them in the house going up the stairs etc. is a great way to learn them.